Is your practice ready to do your Gap Analysis?


Doing a ARRA HITECH Gap analysis requires a pretty significant project/business plan that should involve a ARRA HITECH Leadership and Implementation Team. This team should be responsible for defining the standards and processes by which a gap assessment is conducted. If you are ready to invest in an EHR to meet ARRA HITECH ACT requirements, here is some advice on assigning roles to members of your practice!

Program Manager

  • Overall responsibility for managing the Meaningful Use processes/program in the organization to comply with the ARRA HITECH ACT

Clinical Content Specialist

  • Responsible for determining the impact of the ARRA HITECH Meaningful Use Requirements on the practice, and determine who needs to be involved in achieving compliance for each requirement

HIT Coordinator

  • Responsible for understanding the certification status of certified vendors who meet ARRA HITECH ACT requirements
  • Validates that all EHR technology features are in place to support Meaningful Use criteria
  • Responsible for managing passwords/access, monitoring data accuracy, addressing technical issues that may arise

Attestation Monitor

  • Individual who will ultimately be accountable for the clinicians under their control using EHR systems to achieve Meaningful Use. During the assessment phase, this individual will be responsible for evaluating, attesting and proving their clinician's Meaningful Use status.

Physician Sponsor

  • Signs and submits the attestation documentation to CMS and the State to verify compliance of ARRA HITECH regulations