Easy E-Prescribing Access to Patient Medication History

Ask most users of e-prescribing what they like best about the technology, and chances are access to patient medication history will make the list. It saves time and more importantly, it can save lives.

However, not every e-prescribing solution comes with certain features that help users realize the full potential of electronic patient medication history. Which specific capabilities should doctors look for when evaluating different e-prescribing systems? Here are a few of the most essential...

Online access

One of the most critical times a doctor will ever need to know a patient's medication history is in the emergency room. Many practices submit such information to collective networks like the Surescripts network, via a web-based e-prescribing solution like Rcopia. The result is that more attending emergency room physicians can now quickly access such records.

A web-based e-prescribing solution can also save a patient's life in the doctor's office, regardless if their patient medication history is available. That's because certain online e-prescribing solutions are ideal for hosting real time news feeds, such as breaking alerts of mass drug recalls. Not every e-prescribing solution comes with this capability already built-in, so be sure to ask for it!

Finally, online e-prescribing solutions keep patient medication history updated much more reliably than an installed software system, giving doctors a dependable holistic view of the patient's medication history inside or outside the office.

Intuitive navigation

When comparing different e-prescribing solutions, doctors should be careful to focus not just on what a system can do, but how. For example, an e-prescribing solution can offer any number of details relevant to correctly authorizing a script, but if a user has to take too many steps to find them, some of the best benefits to e-prescribing won't be realized.

So definitely look for an e-prescribing solution with intuitive navigation that quickly yet thoroughly guides users through the e-prescribing process. A really well-designed solution, for example, will keep the same menu tabs, including access to patient medication history, consistent throughout the different e-prescribing screens used to authorize a script.

Rcopia™ E-prescribing and Patient Medication History

One last piece of advice...don't forget to test drive Rcopia before you buy an e-prescribing solution! The nation's most widely used e-prescribing and patient medication history solution, Rcopia sends more electronic prescriptions over the Surescripts Network than any other standalone e-prescribing system. Popular features include:

  • Secure access to patient data from any Internet connection
  • Electronic patient medication history
  • Patient-specific clinical and formulary checking
  • Guided navigation for best patient engagement practices
  • Quick and easy - write 3 prescriptions in under 30 seconds
  • Process dozens of renewal requests at once in just seconds
  • The industry's best support services, designed to help doctors go back to being doctors first!

Ready to see Rcopia in action? Sign up for a free, live demo today. We think you'll be excited to discover just how easy e-prescribing is with Rcopia!