EPCS Gold 2.0 - E-prescribing Controlled Substances


Empower your EHR with EPCS Gold℠2.0, the industry-leading platform for controlled substance e-prescribing.

E-prescribing of controlled substances is the fastest-growing segment of the eRx marketplace. DrFirst is the first-mover and industry-leader in this arena, and over 110 EHR firms have already partnered with DrFirst to offer e-prescribing of controlled substances through their existing e-prescribing system as well as DrFirst's Rcopia system.

By leveraging EPCS Gold 2.0 functionality within your workflow, you can avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining this critical capability and still offer controlled substance e-prescribing as a seamless, continually-updated component of your application, including:

  • E-prescribing of Schedule II-V drugs
  • Ensuring Medications are checked for clinical and formulary edits
  • Eliminating potential transcription and pharmacy errors

EMR/EHR firms that integrate EPCS Gold from DrFirst can:

  • Advance to universal e-prescribing capability and eliminate separate workflows for legend and controlled drugs, thanks to the addition of soon-to-be-required controlled substance e-prescribing functionality
  • Support users with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution delivered within your existing prescribing solution that meets all DEA IFR requirements. Works with software as a service (SaaS) and Client-server systems.
  • Increase your systemís appeal among specialty practices with significant controlled substance e-prescribing requirements
  • Avoid the development, certification, audit and on-going maintenance and improvement costs required to build it in-house

Rely on DrFirst for Controlled Substance E-prescribing Integration:

  • First in the U.S. to successfully transmit controlled substance prescriptions electronically
  • Industry leader in volume of controlled substance e-prescriptions transmitted daily
  • Leading provider of controlled substance e-prescribing capability to EMR/EHR/HIS vendors
  • More than three years active experience in development and systems management to meet ongoing industry certifications and evolving governmental requirements
  • Staff expertise on state, federal and pharmacy marketplace detail and developments surrounding controlled substance e-prescribing

Please call us at 1-888-373-4778, or use the form above, to find out more about the EPCS Gold 2.0 controlled substance e-prescribing services and integration options available for your system.

Take a quick look at the history and evolution behind the first to market nationwide launch of EPCS Gold℠ 2.0 by DrFirst.