E-prescribing  Best Practices

What is E-Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS)?

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances allows physicians to write prescriptions for controlled substances electronically. Electronic prescribing of controlled substances combines traditional e-prescribing with security measures that allow physicians to electronically order these tightly regulated substances.

EPCS Gold℠ 2.0 was the first e-prescribing system in the US that allows physicians to legally prescribe controlled substances electronically.

What Can Be Prescribed Through EPCS?

Generally Schedule II V drugs; individual state laws dictate the drugs that can be prescribed electronically. Click here to see if your state permits e-prescribing of controlled substances.

How Will I Know Which Pharmacies Accept EPCS?

Within the Rcopia® e-prescribing system the pharmacies certified to accept controlled substances electronically are indicated.

What is the Audit Trail for EPCS?

All events and activities completed in EPCS Gold will be recorded, including source type, signing events, controlled substance drug information, etc.

How Does EPCS Gold 2.0 Work?

EPCS Gold provides a platform for providers to sign and send controlled substance prescriptions electronically through the Surescripts network. EPCS Gold includes:

  • Provider Authentication and Registration
    • The DEA requires TFAP (Two-Factor Authentication Protocol) for any provider who wants to send controlled substance prescriptions electronically.
    • The provider authentication and registration process takes you step-by-step through the identity-proofing and authentication process.
    • This process results in the activation of a hard token, providing the second factor of the TFAP requirements.
  • EPCS Signing Module
    • The Signing Module displays DEA-mandated content
    • Includes a two-factor authentication validation
    • Generates a digital signature for the prescription at the application level
    • Provides an audit log

To learn more, download the EPCS White paper.