E-prescribing Saves Your Practice Money!

E-prescribing  Best Practices
A Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) study found that electronic prescribing results in average savings of 336.7 hours and $15,769 per full time equivalent (FTE) physician.

How Did They Measure That?

  • The average practice spends at least two hours a day managing prescription renewal requests by phone or fax. Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) with Rcopia can dramatically reduce the number of faxes and phone calls associated with the refill authorization process.
  • The study indicated that these phone calls alone cost physicians over $10,000 a year in lost time.*
  • Additional financial benefit is that office efficiency allows you and your staff to have more opportunities to provide better patient care or perform other reimbursable activities
  • Lastly, the report takes into account the loss of productivity in staff time spent managing faxes!

Dr. Kehtan of Rockville Internal Medicine Group

Dr. Kehtan discusses the time and money savings his practice has realized through the use of Rcopia e-prescribing.

Improved Efficiency

With Rcopia, prescription renewal requests are sent directly to your computer or mobile device and all of your requests can be quickly reviewed in one place.

Enhanced Patient Safety

The prescription information you send is clear, legible, and identical to the information that the pharmacies receives. The result is greater accuracy, no double entry, and less chance of dispensing errors THUS fewer calls to your practice for clarifications. With electronic medication prescribing, providers have access to a patient's benefits data, co-payments, formulary and lower cost drug alternatives. Access to the patient's medication history ensures that drug interactions are avoided. Furthermore, Rcopia provides allergy and food-drug interactions, as well as contraindication alerts.