Why is E-prescribing Important?

It is estimated that approximately 7,000 deaths occur each year in the United States due to medication errors. Studies conclude that e-prescribing is the solution to improved patient safety and reducing sky-rocketing medication costs.

Medication errors are predominately due to:

  • Handwriting illegibility
  • Overdosing from duplicate therapies
  • Missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions

The current process of utilizing paper prescriptions is one of the largest paper-based processes in the United States, with approximately 3 billion prescriptions written annually.

E-prescribing can significantly streamline your practice while giving you peace of mind for the highest level of patient safety.

  • Safety Factors

    Make more informed real-time decisions by having your patient's medication history and allergies at the point-of-care
  • Time Savings

    On average, writing a prescription electronically takes about one minute and twenty seconds compared to three minutes and thirty seconds for a call-in.*
  • Money Saving

    With the time you'll save, you can focus on reimbursable activities so you earn more. With Rcopia, you can avoid the 1% Medicare MIPPA penalties that began this year and will continue increasing year after year. Plus, with our RcopiaMU certified modular EHR, you'll be compliant with the ARRA HITECH Act to be eligible to receive Medicare and Medicaid incentives.
  • Patient Savings

    Rcopia e-prescribing saves your patients money too by providing formulary information at the point of care for improve the generic use rates.
  • Positive Image

    Patients will have greater confidence that you're current in all areas of health care by having the latest technology in place. Plus, having their prescription at their pharmacy upon arrival is one more facet of great patient care they'll remember.
  • Easy-to-Use Technology

    Technology should make life easier, not more complicated. Rcopia integrates seamlessly with systems already in place in your practice. Take a step by step approach to moving your practice to a full EMR or EHR by starting with Rcopia -> upgrading to RcopiaMU -> and selecting from one of our 200+ EHR partners when you're ready!


Rcopia costs less than $2 a day. So if you're looking for a way to earn more, save your patients money AND keep them safer at the same time then Rcopia e-prescribing is the answer.

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*According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.