It's not too late to get an Electronic Medical Records Stimulus check in 2011!

Perhaps you've heard? The Federal government is giving out hundreds of millions of dollars in electronic medical records stimulus funds to doctors who adopt electronic health records technology! And there's no reason you shouldn't get in on this once in a lifetime incentive program, either - especially when it's so easy and affordable (we promise!) with RcopiaMU™, DrFirst's popular Meaningful Use solution. Ready to get started?

First, sign up for an RcopiaMU demo.

It's free, live, and just like an in-person consultation with a Meaningful Use expert, which can often run $300 or more. That's because our representatives are experts, and they'll walk you through the electronic medical records stimulus program in thirty quick and enlightening minutes. Sign up today to learn how you can earn an electronic medical records stimulus payment for up to $18K (as a Medicare provider), or $21K (as a Medicaid provider) - simply by using RcopiaMU!

Ready, set, go with RcopiaMU!

Some good news first: you don't have to make a big investment in technology to earn a big electronic medical records stimulus check. Now, some really great news: you don't need any technical expertise to participate in the electronic medical records stimulus program.

You only need a simple, web-based solution like RcopiaMU. Priced for every provider to afford, RcopiaMU comes with free training and the best support in the industry - prompt, knowledgeable, and never outsourced. But chances are you won't need much training. A single session is all it really takes to learn the basics and quickly start on your way towards an electronic medical records stimulus check. That's because RcopiaMU is designed to help practitioners easily meet the required Meaningful Use objectives, such as e-prescribing, electronic data input, and a few other basic electronic activities, without requiring doctors to go completely paperless.

When you're ready to migrate to a comprehensive electronic medical records solution, DrFirst can even introduce you to one of our partner solutions. Until then, you can keep earning additional electronic medical records stimulus money every year with RcopiaMU!

More RcopiaMU features for a fast electronic medical records stimulus check.

  • Automatically meets numerous electronic medical records stimulus objective with no action required from user!
  • Check on your Meaningful Use status at any time with "progress reports" that track which objectives have or haven't been met.
  • Meaningful Use attestation support, including initial registration guidance, performance measures monitoring, attestation walk-through and more

There's still time to earn your own electronic medical records stimulus, but you'll want to get started soon. While RcopiaMU can help you qualify for an electronic medical records stimulus check in less than ninety days, our training sessions are booking up! Contact DrFirst today to learn how RcopiaMU can help you get your share of the electronic medical records stimulus.