Rcopia E-prescribing

About Rcopia, The Electronic Prescribing Solution

Rcopia™ is the industry leading electronic prescribing system by DrFirst. Rcopia allows physicians to:
  • BE PRODUCTIVE: Reduce chart pulls, pharmacy faxes and phone calls due to refill/renewal requests, legibility issues, and drug incompatibility or ineligibility problems and focus on other reimbursable activities.
  • BE INFORMED: Access clinical decision support tools and patient medication history to prevent adverse drug events (ADEs) and pill shopping.
  • BE PATIENT FRIENDLY: Provide patients with easy to read medication lists. Electronic prescription software allows doctors to easily access a patient’s formulary and select cost effective prescriptions, send to mail-order pharmacies and increase patient safety in your practice!

Top 5 Unique Rcopia Product Features and Benefits

  1. Stepping Stone Approach to Health IT
    Start small with e-prescribing interfaced into your PMS and upgrade to one of over 200 DrFirst Certified EMR/EHR solutions to seamlessly migrate your patient data
  2. Connected Communities
    Enterprise set up that connects all providers to one patient medication record as well as integrating into the hospital system in the community
  3. Split Prescription Functionality
    Integrated e-prescribing allows doctors to send prescriptions to retail and mail-order pharmacies at the same time
  4. Top Level Security
    PHI protected by strict ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification standards and industry leading privacy and security measures
  5. Awards
    The only standalone e-prescribing company to be awarded the prestigious Surescripts Gold Solution Provider certification for four consecutive years, plus 12 other awards
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About Rcopia

DrFirst's electronic prescription management system, Rcopia, has been awarded the prestigious Surescripts Gold Solution Provider certification for four consecutive years, plus 12 other awards. Rcopia allows physicians to streamline practice workflow, create practice efficiencies and increase productivity through electronic medication orders, renewals, access to clinical alerts and decision support tools and formulary checking. Using Rcopia allows a practice to provide a higher level of patient service and safety while saving time and money. Rcopia allows physicians to start with e-prescribing and get comfortable with an electronic workflow in their practice while evaluating what EHR/EMR is right for them. The practice can upgrade to RcopiaMU to meet Meaningful Use or one of DrFirst's many Certified partners. This allows practices to experience the same awarded-winning e-prescribing experience they started with, without losing any prescribing history. This approach to a broad health IT strategy is only possible through the Rcopia e-prescribing system and the partnerships built on the DrFirst Open Borders concept. Rcopia is widely integrated with over 200 EMR/EHR systems.

Using Rcopia Can Save You $16K a Year per Provider!

An MGMA study recently concluded that electronic prescribing results in average savings of 336.7 hours and $15,769 per full time equivalent (FTE) physician!

In addition to the financial incentives from the Federal government for e-prescribing, the operational benefits practices realize from e-prescribing go far beyond the dollars accrued from federal programs and will result in an even greater return on investment.

With electronic medication prescribing implemented in the practice, providers have access to a patient’s benefits data, copayments, formulary, and lower cost alternatives. Access to the pa­tient’s medication history ensures that duplications are avoided and drug interactions are captured. The data­base can provide allergy and food-drug interactions as well as contraindication alerts.

Also, those post-visit phone calls from patients who forgot to request a prescription reissue will be eliminated because the system can identify a patient’s prescription status. Any refill request can be easily routed electronically, eliminating any chance of lost telephone messages and delayed responses.

Using Rcopia Can Save You $16K a Year per Provider!

E Prescribing Software Testimonials

Download Rcopia OverviewRcopiaMini Overview

E-prescribe From Your iPhone

RcopiaMini is formatted for the smaller screen of today’s mobile devices and allows providers to easily navigate a full-featured version of Rcopia on Apple iOS, Android OS, or RIM Blackberry OS. DrFirst designed the mobile e-prescribing application to provide a real-time interaction between physicians, pharmacies, and health plans, so there is no need to update or sync the device.

To be useful to physicians, e-prescribing must be easily and securely accessible. With the addition of the iPhone and iPod Touch, DrFirst provides physicians with a broad set of e-prescribing platforms, including Apple, Motorola, and HTC handheld devices as well as desktop and tablet systems.

Busy doctors, large practices, and health systems require software that is adaptable to the practice workflow and that draws the practice staff into the prescribing process. To meet this need, RcopiaMini is designed to be accessible to all staff members, to be highly configurable and to accommodate workflow features that make it a perfect solution for groups of any size.

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Rcopia is a Stepping Stone to Your Future EMR

With today's focus on increased patient safety, paperless offices, and decreased spending, stand-alone e-prescribing should be considered as a stepping stone to an electronic medical record (EMR). Evaluating EMRs and selecting the RIGHT one for your practice should be done slowly and carefully. In the meantime, Rcopia electronic medication prescribing can be implemented at a fraction of the cost, with minimal investment of time or disruption to your practice workflow, while reaping many of the major benefits of an EMR/EHR implementation. Rcopia's medication history, allergy and problems list, and evidence-based decision support tools offer physicians access to the most up-to-date and accurate information possible during the prescribing process.

5 Reasons Why E-prescribing is a Great Stepping Stone to EHR/EMR

  1. Easy to Implement
    E-prescribing is an easy-to-implement technology and perfect for a physician's first step towards becoming acclimated to personally interacting with technology during a clinical process.
  2. Smooth Transition to EMR
    Establishing how a practice will incorporate technology into its existing workflow is easier with a simpler piece of technology, such as e-prescribing, while getting "buy in" from staff members. Establishing these processes will help ensure a smooth transition into a more complex EMR system in the future.
  3. Increased Productivity and Revenue
    E-prescribing saves hours of phone time between office staff and pharmacies resulting in greater productivity and increased revenue for a fraction of the price of an EMR system.
  4. Patient Safety
    E-prescribing is an opportunity to "wow" patients with advanced capabilities while demonstrating a physician's commitment to the latest patient safety measures.
  5. Pre-populate Your Future EMR
    Using Rcopia allows your practice to quickly and automatically obtain patient demographics and medication history information, as well as begin populating their allergies and problem lists that can eventually be interfaced into your future EMR.

Check out the more than 200 certified EMR/EHR vendors with which DrFirst is partnered!

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Integrate Electronic Prescription Software


Electronic prescribing is more than just a computer generated prescription. Prescription management software must also provide functionality and workflow flexibility to not only work for physicians, but to also work for the staff members involved in the prescribing process.

Rcopia allows physicians to start with e-prescribing and get comfortable with an electronic workflow in their practice while evaluating what EMR/EHR is right for them. The practice can then move to their choice of more than 200 DrFirst Certified Partners while experiencing the same awarded-winning E-prescribing experience they started with, without losing any prescribing data.  DrFirst is the ONLY e-prescribing vendor to offer this systematic approach to provider-focused health IT implementation.

The list of DrFirst EMR/EHR/PMS partners is growing constantly. Please visit our partners page for a complete list of EMR/EHR/PMS partners.