HITECH Stimulus

Not every physician in the country is ready to go 100% paperless, but many are interested in getting the HITECH stimulus money.

HITECH Stimulus-how to take advantage

Did you know that going 'paperless' to qualify for HITECH stimulus bonus does not require the purchase and implementation of a full-blown EMR/EHR system?

The recent announcement of the final HITECH stimulus criteria allows for a more incremental approach to a practice's inevitable migration into this new era of advanced technology.

So what exactly is a 'modular approach' to getting your HITECH stimulus check?

A modular approach to achieving Meaningful Use allows a practice to slowly and incrementally adopt the technology necessary to qualify for Stage 1 and 2 or the HITECH stimulus incentives without going 100% paperless. There is no denying that office staff can be resistant to change when it comes to implementing new technology, making this method of 'baby steps' appealing to ease your staff into new technology.

The 2011 and 2012 HITECH stimulus incentives are structured in such a way to promote this modular method due to their less stringent requirements and higher incentive payments for the first 2 years. They are designed to get practices to 'test the water' before diving in head first.

By using a modular system like RcopiaMU, practices can combine individual certified modules that when used together fulfill HITECH stimulus Meaningful Use requirements, plus practices will be benefit from a quick implementation and a high ROI.