DrFirst Hospital Software for Acute Care Environments

At the Point-of-Care and Across Clinical Communities

For more than a decade, DrFirst has delivered innovative, secure, reliable, focused, and scalable technologies that help to enable seamless communication and collaboration between hospitals and throughout the greater healthcare ecosystem. Hundreds of acute care facilities nationwide employ DrFirst hospital software programs and services to:

  • Give providers instant access to critical data
  • Get a more complete clinical view of their patients
  • Reduce gaps in care
  • Connect stakeholders and care teams
  • Open the lines of communication
  • Securely share PHI between disparate systems
  • Improve patient transitions to post-discharge medical providers
  • Minimize hospital re-admissions

Our product philosophy is underpinned by a focus on the provider, ensuring that our hospital software excels in usability, relieves administrative burdens, and helps care teams maximize attention to patient care. As a result, hospitals save time, save money and are better able to facilitate their critical role as a central point of community healthcare.

DrFirst Products and Services for Hospitals