Patient Medication History

MedHx℠ from DrFirst: Get Patient Medication History in Seconds

MedHx provides ERs and other prescribing departments with valuable patient medication history in seconds, offering physicians a more complete picture of a patient's current medications and guarding against potential conflicts or adverse drug reactions.

Through MedHx, DrFirst delivers the most robust patient medication history data available within an easy-to-use, easily integrated interface.

Typical challenges to compiling accurate medication histories include:

  • The patient is a poor historian, is unconscious or otherwise unable to provide an accurate personal medication history
  • The caregiver has limited knowledge of the patient's medication history
  • Prior prescribing and/or medication adherence documentation is incomplete
  • The need for manual procurement of medication history from multiple sources

MedHx overcomes these challenges by:

  • Compiling 12 months of available medication history with the click of a button from more data sources than any other medication history service on the market
  • Verifying medications for a patient who is unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate upon arrival, providing the ER with the most robust medication information available
  • Converting past medications into hospital medication orders, providing workflow improvements
  • Checking medication claim history, patient's home medications, and conflict checks, including drug-drug and drug-allergy

The Right Medication Data from the Right Sources

Users pulling medication history through DrFirst's MedHx receive:

  • Drug name and form
  • Dispense quantity
  • SIG information
  • Prescriber's name
  • Dates filled
  • Source of information

DrFirst's MedHx data is generated from the most broad and accurate sourcing capability currently on the market, including:

  • Surescripts
    • Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) transaction data
    • All major payers connected through Caremark, Medco, ESI and more
  • DrFirst Wide Area Patient Search (WAPS)
    • Nationwide network of physicians and more than 290 EHR partners
    • Hosted data from PBMs, health plans, and state Medicaid data