Meaningful Use Incentives

Make A Difference (And Some Money) With The Meaningful Use Incentives Program!

No doubt about it, the EHR Incentive Program – also known as "Meaningful Use" is ramping up wider adoption of electronic health records. That's good for both patients and providers. With a big incentives check in hand each year, more providers than ever can afford cost-cutting and life-saving EHR technology. In fact, with checks as large as $21K in 2011 and the potential to earn more than $63K by 2015, many providers can't afford not to apply for Meaningful Use incentives!

How do I get Meaningful Use Incentives?

All about meaningful use incentives

Physicians, dentists, and even nurse practitioners who see Medicare or Medicaid patients can qualify for Meaningful Use incentives by demonstrating "meaningful use" of electronic health records. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare provide 25 objectives to be met, some of which are optional. If practices can demonstrate they meet 20 out of 25 of these objectives with certified electronic health records technology – they qualify for an incentives check.

Note that you can only apply for either Medicaid or Medicare incentives, even if you treat patients from both programs. Incentives are based on a percentage of what you bill (Medicaid), or of your allowables (Medicare). Here's how these incentives can bring big money to your practice:

  • Medicare: up to $18K in 2011; up to $44K by 2015
  • Medicaid: up to $21K in 2011; up to $63K by 2015

The step-by-step path to an incentives check!

  1. Register for the program
  2. Use an ONC ATCB-certified* solution like RcopiaMU
  3. Make "Meaningful Use" of the solution
  4. Attest

Get both MIPPA and Medicaid Incentives with RcopiaMU

While the steps vary slightly depending on whether you're participating in the Medicaid or Medicare incentives program, the path is basically the same. More details can be found at the CMS website.

But won't it cost more to invest in electronic health records technology than a Meaningful Use incentives check will cover?

Happily, the answer is no! In fact, with RcopiaMU, an ONC ATCB-certified modular solution, your practice should have plenty left over in your very first Meaningful Use incentives check.

That's because RcopiaMU starts at just $9 a day. Depending on what you bill for Medicare or Medicaid, RcopiaMU will likely be just a fraction of your first incentives check.

RcopiaMU benefits:

  • Attest for your Meaningful Use incentives in 90 days or less!
  • E-prescribing, patient medication history, and all twenty-five requirements met in one solution
  • ONC ATCB-certified
  • Starts at $9 a day – no training costs, no hidden fees!

Easily track your progress!

Tired of buying software that gives you no clue if you're really getting a return on your investment? Then you'll love RcopiaMU. Not only does it perform the 15 required, and 10 optional objectives required to receive your Meaningful Use incentives checks, it visibly shows you how far you have to go. Simply click on "Reports" to gauge your progress towards Meaningful Use compliance!

MIPPA and Meaningful Use Incentives

Here's one final goody…with RcopiaMU, you can qualify for both Meaningful Use incentives from Medicaid and the MIPPA incentives from Medicare. That's even more extra money in your pocket!

*DrFirst's RcopiaMU is the combination of a DrFirst Rcopia ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified Modular EHR, certification number CC-1112-401680-2, which meets the following certification criteria: 170.302(a-e, j, o-v) and 170.304(a-b), and the WellCentive Patient Registry 2.0, certification number CC-1112-946650-3, which meets the following certification criteria: 170.302(c-i, k-v) and 170.304(c-j). The additional software relied upon for testing included OpenATNA, First DataBank Drug Database, and Surescripts. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.