Meaningful Use Options

The Many Meaningful Use Options For Your Medical Practice

list of meaningful use options

Options…isn't that a nice concept? Especially when considering complex initiatives like meeting Meaningful Use. For the practice ready to go fully paperless, it's good to know there are more Meaningful Use options than ever. For other practices, it's a pleasant surprise to discover there's a "stepping stone" option just for them! Let's take a look at this option first.

The option if you're not ready to go fully paperless.

By now, most practices understand the clear benefits of meeting Meaningful Use with electronic health records, from eliminating the paper chase by keeping patient data in one place, to receiving those hefty government Meaningful Use incentives checks.

But how can the medical practice not quite ready to go fully paperless get these benefits? Here's the option for just such practices: RcopiaMU. It's the "modular" solution that meets all Meaningful Use objectives without requiring your practice go completely paperless. And did we mention it's priced with your maximum ROI in mind?

  • Starts at just $9 a day – no upfront costs or hidden fees
  • 2011/2012 Meaningful Use compliant
  • Qualifies users for all Meaningful Use incentive money
  • One three-hour training session for basic aptitude; two weeks or less of regular use for solid expertise
  • The manageable option for practices not ready to go fully paperless!

With RcopiaMU, providers now have the option to learn paperless e-prescribing, patient medication history, and other Meaningful Use objectives at a manageable pace. It's the Meaningful Use Option for meeting Meaningful Use on your own timetable!

  • Easy introduction to paperless Meaningful Use objectives
  • Can qualify you to receive up to $18,00 in 2011 alone; up to $63,750 by 2015
  • Almost any medical practice can afford it!

And about those big incentive checks…you can use them as funding to purchase a comprehensive EHR solution once you are ready to go fully paperless – thanks to going with the RcopiaMU "stepping stone" solution first.

The option for practices ready for a full EHR

DrFirst is proud to partner with the best EHR solution providers in the industry. Many of these providers offer solutions that include our award-winning e-prescribing software, so if you start out with one of our stepping stone options before going fully paperless, you'll feel right at home when you migrate to one of our partner EHR solutions.

Don't forget, RcopiaMU qualifies you for all Meaningful Use incentives checks – which can pay for a full EHR solution down the road. (Or a really, really nice vacation!)

One more Meaningful Use option...

Consider a solution that qualifies you for other incentive programs, too. RcopiaMU qualifies users for numerous government health care IT incentives options, in addition to Meaningful Use. Find out more – get in touch with DrFirst today!