Meaningful Use Tips

Five Meaningful Use Tips For An Incentive Check In 90 Days Or Less!

Meaningful use tips

Have you heard about those big incentive checks doctors are getting in the mail? It's true! The government is paying eligible physicians, nurse practitioners, and dentists who treat Medicare or Medicaid patients to make "meaningful use" of electronic health records. Follow the Meaningful Use Tips below, and your practice can receive an incentives check in ninety days or less!

Tip #1

First, decide whether you want to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare incentives. You can only choose one, even if you see patients from both programs. Then calculate how much you claim for each program and depending on a few factors, you'll likely want to go with the larger figure. You could receive up to $18K in Medicare Meaningful Use incentives in 2011, or $21K in Medicaid incentives. And you can receive more incentive checks each year after until 2015. Learn more at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare comparison chart and confirm your eligibility.

Tip #2

Register for the program now at the CMS site you don't need to have an EHR solution installed to do so! Good things come to those who take the first step. Your ultimate goal of a big incentives check starts with the simple action of registering for the program.

Tip #3

Buy an affordable Meaningful Use-qualified solution that costs a fraction of your first Meaningful Use check! What would a "tips" article be without sound advice on how to get more and spend less?

And starting at just $9 a day, RcopiaMU really does deliver more much more. It's the solution that qualifies practices for incentives at a price any practice can afford. No start-up fees, no hidden fees, not even any training fees. It's that simple to use!

About RcopiaMU

  • ONC ATCB-certified*
  • E-prescribing, Patient Medication History, and meets all 25 Meaningful Use objectives on one software
  • Progress tracking
  • Qualify for your first incentives check in 90 days or less
  • Starts at only $9 a day

Tip #4

Choose a solution that also qualifies your practice for MIPPA incentives. This tip won't help you get a Meaningful Use incentives check faster but it does tip you off on how to receive even more money! Once again, look to RcopiaMU, the solution that qualifies doctors who see both Medicare and Medicaid patients to receive both MIPPA and Meaningful Use incentives.

Tip #5

If you want fast information about any of the Meaningful Use tips above, call DrFirst. Just like our name says, we put doctors first. And we understand that all the government incentives programs can get a little confusing for busy doctors to follow. Here at DrFirst we live and breathe to clear up this confusion with simplified solutions, straight answers, and prices with just right for your practice. So with this final Meaningful Use tip, we invite you to contact us today.

*DrFirst's RcopiaMU is the combination of a DrFirst Rcopia ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified Modular EHR, certification number CC-1112-401680-2, which meets the following certification criteria: 170.302(a-e, j, o-v) and 170.304(a-b), and the WellCentive Patient Registry 2.0, certification number CC-1112-946650-3, which meets the following certification criteria: 170.302(c-i, k-v) and 170.304(c-j). The additional software relied upon for testing included OpenATNA, First DataBank Drug Database, and Surescripts. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.