Infographic: Key Dates You Need To Know To Maximize Meaningful Use Incentive Payments

2012 MIPPA and Meaningful Use Chart (Click to download PDF Version)
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Eligible Provider’s (EP) who missed the June 30th MIPPA e-prescribing deadline still have two ways to earn Federal incentive payments and avoid future penalties:

  • Write e-prescriptions for 25 unique Medicare encounters by December 31st, 2012
  • Have a certified electronic health record (EHR) system fully implemented no later than October 3rd 2012, and successfully meet the required number of Meaningful Use objectives

Some of these dates may seem far away, but EP’s should provide themselves plenty of time to have a technology solution in place, and be properly trained to use it well in advance of these deadlines.

Does your practice have an e-prescribing system in place?

Providers who write e-prescriptions for 25 unique Medicare patient encounters prior to December 31st, 2012 will receive a 1% bonus on Medicare payments in 2013 and avoid a 2% penalty on Medicare payments in 2014.

Allow plenty of time to meet the minimum e-prescription requirements. Implement a qualified
e-prescribing system
as soon as possible and avoid the last minute implementation and training rush.

Once the e-prescribing solution is up and running, take advantage of the benefits and efficiency of
e-prescribing by using your system to write and transmit e-prescriptions for all patients, not just Medicare patients.

Are you planning on implementing an EHR solution into your practice?

In order to qualify for the Meaningful Use incentive payments for 2012, EP’s must have a certified EHR system that’s fully implemented by no later than October 3rd 2012, and meet the required number of Meaningful Use objectives from the “core” and “menu” sets.

RcopiaMU is an ONC-ATCB certified modular EHR option that's ideal for physicians who aren't ready to make the full commitment to an EMR system but still want to meet the Meaningful Use requirements.

For those providers ready to enjoy the numerous benefits of a full EMR, DrFirst has partnered with over 250 EMR/EHR companies, helping provide a smoother transition of patient data while also enjoying the benefits of DrFirst's award winning Rcopia e-prescribing software.

Modular EHR To The Rescue!

Meaningful Use - DrFirst the Doctor Defender- Vol.1

DrFirst helped Dr. Janice Postal take the "Monster" out of Meaningful Use and Medicare incentives with RcopiaMU, the ONC-ATCB certified modular EHR.

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Meaningful Use Case Study - Osceola Caridopulmonary Clinic

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