MIPPA Incentives

Is Your Practice Eligible For MIPPA Incentives - or Penalties?

With benefits like shorter prescription processing and reduced risk of adverse drug reactions, doctors are doing away with paper prescriptions and turning to e-prescribing instead. And a host of e-prescribing incentive programs like the Medicare Improvements For Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) pay them to do so.

MIPPA is an e-prescribing incentive program designed to reward your practice with cash, based on a percentage of your Medicare payment claims. Be warned, however, that MIPPA also includes penalties if you aren't e-prescribing by 2012. So, each year you put off deploying e-prescribing at your practice is another year closer to MIPPA penalties - and another lost year of MIPPA incentives. See the e-prescribing incentive and penalty breakdown below.

MIPPA Incentives Breakdown By Year:

2011 2012 2013
Receive incentive check equaling 1% of your Medicare claims. Receive incentive check equaling 1% of your Medicare claims. Receive incentive check equaling 1/2% of your Medicare claims.

MIPPA Penalties Breakdown By Year:

2012 2013 2014 and beyond
1% Medicare payment reduction. 1.5% Medicare payment reduction. 2.0% Medicare payment reduction.

Do the math – you earn more incentive checks the sooner you get in

If your practice uses a qualified e-prescribing solution such as Rcopia from DrFirst and sees Medicare patients, you can start receiving MIPPA bonus payments this year.

But wait…won't an investment in e-prescribing software swallow up any MIPPA incentive check? Why not just wait closer to the penalties deadline before e-prescribing? The answer is e-prescribing is so affordable that there is no need to wait another year before applying for MIPPA incentives.

Earn incentives with Rcopia e-prescribing

Rcopia, the number one standalone e-prescribing solution, is affordably priced — and works out to a fraction of a typical MIPPA incentive check. What's more, Rcopia cuts prescription processing to two minutes or less, and renewal requests to less than ten seconds. The sooner — and safer — you are able process electronic prescription requests, the sooner you may begin to reap the rewards of an e-prescribing incentive program.

  • E-prescribing and patient medication history in one software
  • Qualifies for MIPPA incentive checks, avoid MIPPA penalties
  • Affordably priced — free training and no hidden fees

Rcopia is designed to help medical practices embrace e-prescribing, the same goal as the MIPPA e- prescribing incentive program.

  • The Rcopia e-prescribing workflow functions efficiently within you workflow
  • Cuts prescription writing time to two minutes or less
  • A single short training session is all it takes to learn the Rcopia e-prescribing basics.

Get both MIPPA and Medicaid Incentives with RcopiaMU

Does your practice accept Medicaid patients? If so, you qualify for both MIPPA and Meaningful Use Medicaid incentives. RcopiaMU is DrFirst's affordable, certified and efficient option, helps providers achieve Meaningful Use while deliverying the benefits of e-prescribing.

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