A Complete List of the Meaningful Use EHR Objectives

As most providers understand by now, the general purpose of the Meaningful Use of EHR incentive program is to encourage medical practitioners to demonstrate "Meaningful Use" of certified electronic health records technology.

Less clear, however, is an understanding of the actual Meaningful Use of EHR objectives. What are they, exactly? How many are there? And just how difficult are they to achieve? These are some of the most common questions about the Meaningful Use of EHR core objectives - and we have the answers right here!

Meaningful Use EHR Requirements

Note that while there are twenty-five such Meaningful Use EHR requirements, providers need only demonstrate they've met twenty! Specifically, they must meet fifteen core objectives and five out of ten menu items using a certified Meaningful Use of EHR solution.

Core Meaningful Use EHR objectives:

  1. Medication Orders
  2. Drug/Drug and Drug/Allergy Interaction Checks
  3. Maintain Problem List
  4. Electronic Prescribing
  5. Maintain Active Meds List
  6. Maintain Allergy List
  7. Record Patient Demographics
  8. Record Vital Signs and Chart Changes
  9. Record Smoking Status
  10. Report Clinical Quality Measures
  11. Implement a Clinical Decision Support Rule
  12. Electronic patient Copies of Health Information
  13. Clinical Summaries
  14. Exchange key Clinical Information
  15. Protect Health Information

Core Meaningful Use EHR menu items:

  1. Drug Formulary Checks
  2. Add Labs or Create Integration
  3. List of Patients by Condition
  4. Patient Reminders
  5. Access to Patient Portal
  6. Education Resources
  7. Medication Reconciliation
  8. Summary of Care when Transitioning Patient
  9. Immunization Data to Registries
  10. Public Surveillance Data

Don't be intimidated by the list! It comes down to twenty "electronic" Meaningful Use EHR objectives, all of which are rapidly met in RcopiaMU™, a Meaningful Use EHR solution.

In fact, certain Meaningful Use EHR objectives are automatically met just by installing RcopiaMU, while numerous other Meaningful Use EHR objectives are simultaneously met when doctors enter basic patient data during a patient encounter. RcopiaMU also quickly achieves several Meaningful Use objectives just by automatically checking for potential adverse drug interactions, allergy issues, and formulary coverage. Meanwhile, simply giving patients a password to a restricted Patient Portal within RcopiaMU instantly satisfies two Meaningful Use EHR objectives that require patient access to certain records and educational information.

The upshot is that RcopiaMU makes it easy to attest for Meaningful Use of EHR, the last step to receiving a Meaningful Use of EHR incentive check for up to $21K this year! For a closer look at how easily and quickly you can demonstrate Meaningful Use EHR with RcopiaMU, sign up for a free, live demo today.