How to Demonstrate Stage One Meaningful Use EHR in Ninety Days!

Before we explain how, let's first take a look at why eligible providers should meet Stage One Meaningful Use EHR as quickly as possible. The number one reason: Medicare providers who achieve Meaningful Use EHR in 2011 can earn up to $18,000 this year for doing so, while Medicaid providers can earn up to $21,250.

Here's another piece of good news: providers don't have to go completely paperless to do so! That's because there's a simple to use, easy to afford "modular" solution that providers can opt for instead. It's called RcopiaMU™, the fast path to Meaningful Use of EHR for providers in any practice size.

Meeting Stage One Meaningful Use EHR requirements with RcopiaMU

At first glance, providers may be a little daunted to learn they must meet 15 core Meaningful Use EHR objectives and five menu items. But these Stage One objectives are largely basic requirements, some as simple as noting the patient's name, age, gender, and smoking status - which can check off several Meaningful Use EHR Stage One requirements all at once. Many other Meaningful Use EHR requirements are automatically achieved as soon as RcopiaMU goes "live"!

Still more Meaningful Use EHR objectives, such as electronic prescribing, take less than a day to learn. Within a week or two, most users discover that switching to e-prescribing has done away with hours of prescription processing time each day.

Tracking Stage One Meaningful Use EHR Progress in RcopiaMU

RcopiaMU's Meaningful Use EHR "progress report" is one of the solution's most popular features. At any time, providers can pull this report to view a full list of the Meaningful Use EHR requirements, and see which ones they've met and which ones they need to complete. Important note: not every solution offers this feature, and it's a much better alternative to performing an extensive data search. Be sure any system you evaluate has it!

Easy to use, easy to buy

As a modular solution, RcopiaMU focuses on helping users demonstrate core Meaningful Use EHR requirements, without requiring they go fully paperless to do so. Just about any doctor can afford RcopiaMU's low annual provider license fee, which costs just a fraction of the first Meaningful Use EHR incentives check for up to $21K this year! And they can earn additional Meaningful Use EHR checks for several years thereafter.

This provides doctors with a sizable source of funding for other health IT, such as migrating to a DrFirst partner EHR solution once they feel ready to go fully paperless. By then, doctors and their staff will be quite comfortable with Meaningful Use EHR systems, having confidently learned the ropes with RcopiaMU.

As you can see, demonstrating Stage One Meaningful Use EHR isn't nearly as scary as you might have thought - and can easily be done in ninety days. Take the first step and sign up for a free RcopiaMU demo today!