PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System)

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), Simplified

Launched by the government in 2006, the PQRS healthcare incentive program has provided incentive money every year since to Medicare Part B physicians who submit clinical data on their prescribed medical and drug treatments for certain conditions.

After all, no one knows better than doctors which drugs are worth their price tags (and which ones aren't.) And no one knows better than doctors which procedures assure better patient outcomes.

With PQRS, now is your chance to share what you know…

PQRS and PQRI – what's the difference?

They're both the same programs. PQRS is simply the new name for Physician Quality Reporting Incentives (PQRI), but the over-riding goal hasn't changed: To collect enough data on certain prescribed medical and drug treatments to understand which ones work the best. Thus, any and all requirements related to e-prescribing that were previously developed in the PQRI program carry over into PQRS, it’s slightly revamped, successor program.

What's this about PQRS incentives?

In alignment with Meaningful Use, PQRS will help medical professionals receive incentives for adhering to a precise set of standards designed to encourage the accurate and secure transmission of medical data. Simply put, the government will pay doctors for submitting quality reporting data on the medical and drug treatments they prescribe. Check out the 2013 PQRS Measures list to learn more.

Here's the PQRS incentive payment breakdown for 2013:

  • Incentive check equaling 0.5% of Medicare Part B claims if doctors start participating in 2013
  • Providers who don't report in PQRS by 2013 will be penalized 1.5% in 2015

Important note on incentive program participation

You can participate in both the PQRS incentive program and the MIPPA incentive program, but only get cash incentives for one.

How to submit PQRS data

Right now, there is no extra reporting step for physicians! If you use Rcopia, DrFirst's e-prescribing and patient medication history software, the reporting is done for you!

What does PQRS mean for you?

  • No additional reporting!
  • Receive .5% incentive payments (only available through 2014)
  • Payment is issued directly to YOU
  • Sign up before October 3rd to collect incentives for 2013
  • If you are not participating by 2013, you will be penalized 1.5% in 2015

RcopiaMU e-prescribing for PQRS incentives

You might be thinking that an "EHR" solution means you have to go full paperless to qualify for PQRS incentives. It doesn't. RcopiaMU allows doctors to take their time with going paperless, while using electronic prescribing and patient medication history to streamline prescription processing…and PQRS reporting!

  • Award-winning e-prescribing and patient medication history software
  • Meets PQRS reporting criteria
  • Just $9 a day
  • Users eligible for PQRS or MIPPA incentive funds, their choice
  • Cuts prescription processing time to two minutes or less

Meaningful Use & PQRS

Looking to earn even more substantial incentive money, including up to $21K this year? Check out RcopiaMU, our upgraded version of Rcopia that meets all critical Meaningful Use requirements!

Get in touch with DrFirst today for a free, no obligation consultation to learn about the PQRS and other government incentives programs. Submit your email address above for a free demo! Click here to visit the CMS website and see what your incentive payment could be.

A final word on PQRS…

We understand that a hefty incentives check isn't enough to ease doctors' worries about catching up with all the government healthcare IT initiatives. (That's one reason why we price and scale our e-prescribing and patient medication history solutions with even the smallest medical practice in mind.)

But PQRS does give doctors a chance to help meet two formidable healthcare goals of our time: reducing skyrocketing costs and increasing better patient outcomes. And solutions like Rcopia make it far simpler for doctors to do so.