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For hospitals, clinics and physician practices, medication management is at the core of optimal patient care and safety. From accurate medication reconciliation to discharge e-prescribing, you need to ensure that your EMR/EHR/HIS delivers the right data, to the right doctor, at the right time.

For 15 years, DrFirst has been helping hospitals and clinics maximize the investment they made in their EMR/EHR/HIS through consulting services that address the impact that new technology has on health systems, providers, clinicians, technicians, and their respective workflows.

We Help Your Team and Your Organization

  • Prepare for software updates
  • Build out your pharmacy system
  • Implement the successful use of e-prescribing and improve the medication reconciliation process
  • Optimize workflows and staff processes affected by technology integrations
  • Ensure successful implementation through super-user programs and training onboarding champions
  • Fill your staffing gaps with our technology and healthcare process and workflow experts

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