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RcopiaMU for Meaningful Use

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Meaningful Use Made Easy

If you want to reap the benefits of Meaningful Use (MU), but aren’t ready to commit to the time, finances or staffing required to support an electronic health record (EHR) system, you can do it with RcopiaMUSM.

We have helped thousands of practices successfully attest for Meaningful Use incentives while maintaining their paper records. RcopiaMU is a more affordable, intuitive, award-winning ONC-ATCB certified modular solution that can help you quickly qualify for Meaningful Use incentives without disrupting your practice.

Meaningful Use +
Medication Management

  • Modular certified EHR for Meaningful Use and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
  • Medication history, adherence monitoring and e-prescribing
  • Patient medication adherence support, including education materials, co-pay and prescription coupons, clinical decision support, alerts and reminders
  • Easy data migration to over 60% of EHR/EMR systems on the market

Better Care and More Revenue

A smaller software investment results in greater ROI from Federal programs

  • Earn up to $23,520 per doctor for Medicare and $63,750 per doctor for Medicaid
  • Avoid penalties of up to 2% of your Medicare Part B Reimbursements

Patient Registry to manage patient population

  • Send reminders for shots and annual check-ups

The Right Choice at the Right Time

There’s no need to rush an EHR decision just to meet Meaningful Use deadlines. Implementing an EHR is a long-term commitment that impacts your practice well into the future. With today’s technology advancing at breakneck speeds and continuous evolution of new standards and regulations, RcopiaMU gives you access to Federal incentives and time to evaluate EHRs at your own pace.

Plus, our attestation experts provide you with frequent system checks to prevent errors and monitor your Meaningful Use measures to help you qualify for Meaningful Use with minimal practice disruption.

RcopiaMU Helps East Grand Health Center Keep Doors Open

Watch the video to find out how RcopiaMU and Meaningful Use incentives helped East Grand Health Center stay afloat during a difficult financial time.

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