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Stay Competitive Without the Heavy Lift

Staying on top of constantly evolving industry requirements surrounding e-prescribing is costly, complex and requires commitment to continuous improvement. It takes countless hours of research, development, testing, and certification to establish and maintain e-prescribing functionality, not to mention on-going financial resources to staff 24/7 customer support and prescription monitoring services.

For 15 years, DrFirst has been at the forefront of medication management solutions and has successfully integrated Rcopia e-prescribing, medication history and medication reconciliation capabilities in over 320 EHR/EMR/HIS systems. Our vendor partners depend on us to keep them competitive with best-in-class tools that enhance their solution, leverage their workflows, and help their providers improve patient safety and quality of care.  You can, too.

Meet and Exceed Industry Standards

  • Award-winning Rcopia legend drug e-prescribing for providers and discharge e-prescribing for enterprise systems
  • CCHIT, Surescripts & White Coat-Award Certified
  • Satisfies up to 24 Meaningful Use criteria
  • Seamlessly integrates with Patient Advisor medication adherence and EPCS Gold e-prescribing for controlled substances functionality
  • Shelters vendors from development needs driven by shifting industry requirements

Flexible, Customizable Integration Options

Portal Integration

  • Offers the lowest-cost path to e-prescribing capability, and rapid time to market
  • Supports web-interface access to a private-label solution featuring your branding
  • Bi-directional patient demographic/clinical data exchange
  • Offers workflow options to best support user preferences
  • Includes integrated medication adherence functionality to promote positive patient outcomes
  • Optional e-prescribing for controlled substance (EPCS) functionality
Engine Integration

  • Offers the most seamless user experience, with Rcopia APIs fully integrated into your system
  • You retain complete control over UI/UX, user functionalities and user workflows
  • Includes integrated medication adherence functionality
  • Includes e-prescribing for controlled substance (EPCS) functionality

Gain Access to Expert Knowledge and Resources

  • Full-service training, implementation, integration and customer service teams
  • Seasoned technical account managers to ensure smooth deployment and continuous support for your system
  • Dedicated channel managers to assist you with sales and marketing initiatives focused on your end users
  • Formal Co-op Marketing Program providing self-service and customized options for marketing communications
  • AttestEasySM Meaningful Use Consulting to assist your users in qualifying for MU incentives

A Certain Future

We offer the most robust e-prescribing software suite on the market, with top-of-the-line backend network support and competitive pricing. We are committed to continuous innovation and building long-lasting relationships with our partners.

Let us help you navigate e-prescribing, differentiate your solution, and deliver increased benefits to your customers.

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