Strategic Partnership

800+ CMS-Certified EMR Vendors are Grabbing for Market Share… 35% Rely on DrFirst to Help them Win.

There are tangible reasons why more than one-third of the EMR/EHR/HIS marketplace trusts DrFirst integrated technologies to expand functionality, retain customers, and spark new sales of their systems.

Strategic Partnerships with DrFirst

By partnering with DrFirst, you can quickly get to market with cutting-edge capabilities and new features to expand your core technology solution.

  • One Vendor, One Connection
    We are a platform-based solutions provider. Working with DrFirst allows you to avoid the complexities of having multiple limited-service vendors, multiple contracts, and multiple sets of integration requirements.
  • Best-in-Class Solutions
    • Legend and Controlled Substance eRx
    • Medication Reconciliation and Medication History
    • Patient Medication Adherence and Education
    • Secure Clinical Collaboration and Communication Tools
  • Stable, Reliable, Cost-Effective
    DrFirst’s service to medical practices who have not yet advanced to using EMR/EHRs ensures that our software is battle-tested, proven, and available to our EMR/EHR partners at a cost far lower than our investment to develop the technology.
  • Committed to Continual Improvement
    We pursue CIP for all of our software and services, consistently garnering feedback internally and from customers and end-users to ensure the continuous deployment of an ever-better product — from routine bug-fixes to UI/UX improvements to all-new functionality releases.
  • Ready to Collaborate
    We treat EMR/EHRs like Clients, and we support them like Partners. Our goal is not simply to sell you software but to collaborate with you just like a business partner should. We staff full-service account management, integration, implementation and customer service teams. And we can help assist the roll-out of DrFirst integrated technology to your end-users by providing marketing communications support and customizable collateral materials.

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