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More than 304 EHR/EMR/HIS system vendors trust DrFirst to help them quickly expand core technology, enhance functionality, achieve certifications, retain current customers and spark new sales of their systems. DrFirst is the gold standard for high-impact innovations and proven reliability across a wide array of service areas:


  • Industry-leading legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing
  • In-workflow electronic prior authorization (ePA)  and patient medication adherence support tools
  • End-user Meaningful Use attestation support services
  • Co-op marketing to help systems drive end-user adoption
  • 24/7/365 prescription monitoring and customer support


Our technologies are stable, reliable, cost-effective and constantly upgraded through rigorous CIP. DrFirst software can be integrated into your system through web portal access or at the API level. We staff full-service account management, integration, implementation and customer service teams. And we support vendor roll-out to your end-users with customized marketing communications and product collateral materials.

Stay current with industry requirements. Bring new offerings to market faster while avoiding costs and disruptions to your internal development roadmap. A strategic partnership with DrFirst delivers best-in-class solutions and first-mover capabilities without the complexity and time required to build and support products internally.


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