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Practical, Powerful Technologies for Physicians and Dentists

Practical, Powerful Technologies for Physicians and Dentists

You need advanced software that fits your practice workflow, provides immediate access to accurate patient data, and is reasonably priced. And of course, practice staffs want software that’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

Since 2000, DrFirst has put the needs of doctors first, creating technology that is clinically-effective, cost-effective and virtually hassle-free. Our solutions allow you to keep up with the growing demands of meeting compliance and reporting requirements, managing formulary changes, achieving best practices, and supporting a growing patient population.

You Can Have It All

Transition from paper to digital systems on your own terms. Easily monitor patient health and adherence to drug therapy at the point of care. Quickly and securely communicate with colleagues in your practice or across the community. Qualify for Meaningful Use. You can have it all with DrFirst.

Our software solutions are:

  • Trusted to provide immediate access to patient data for better decision support
  • Flexible and customizable to fit the unique needs of any practice workflow
  • Quickly implemented, highly intuitive, and require little to no training
  • Accessible via any device with internet access, supporting you on call or on the go

Get Back to Being a Doctor First

Take advantage of financial incentives, avoid Federal penalties, comfortably improve efficiency, increase patient safety, and reduce costs for your practice without taking your focus away from what matters most.