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Webinar for NY Hospitals: Complying with the E-Prescribing Mandate

Presented by Thomas Sullivan, MD, Chief Privacy and Strategy Officer

Feb 25, 2016 2-3:00pm ET

March 27, 2016 is the critical deadline when New York prescribers will be required to electronically prescribe all legend drugs and controlled substances.

If you have delayed implementing e-prescribing in your facility or your hospital’s ambulatory facilities, you must take immediate action.

In this webinar I’ll impart the advantages of e-prescribing (aside from legal compliance) and enumerate the steps you need to take NOW to adhere to the deadline. We’ll cover:

  • New York’s PMP Interconnect® participation
  • What to do if you anticipate missing the March 27 e-prescribing deadline
  • How to meet DEA requirements for e-prescribing controlled substances
  • What e-prescribing software looks like and how it works

Once you start e-prescribing, the benefits become clear, especially when you use software that fulfills all of your workflow needs like the one I’ll show you. See you February 25.

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