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Webinar for NY Hospitals: What Your Hospital Needs to Know About I-STOP and EPCS

Presented by Dr. Thomas Sullivan, Chief Privacy and Strategy Officer

Nov 24, 2015 3-3:30pm ET

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The I-STOP deadline is looming and NY hospitals are implementing e-prescribing solutions now to allow enough time for setup and training.

DrFirst wants to help you make the transition seamless. This informative webinar, presented by Dr. Thomas Sullivan, will reveal:

  • How you can jump-start e-prescribing by importing patient data directly into your eRx application
  • Identity proofing and two-factor authentication required to prescribe controlled substances
  • How you can save time with new features like electronic prior authorization and setting up multiple providers at once

We want to help prevent doctor shopping and prescription drug abuse by arming physicians with the optimal tools to comply with I-STOP.

See you on November 24.


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