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Webinar for New York Physicians: How to comply with the ISTOP e-prescribing mandate

Presented by Dr. Peter Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer

Mar 22, 2016 11-12:00pm ET

The e-prescribing mandate is less than one week away. The is no longer any time to delay implementing this regulation, which requires e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and legend drugs.

This informative webinar, presented by DrFirst Chief Medical Officer Peter Kaufman, will impart the advantages of e-prescribing (aside from legal compliance) and enumerate the steps you need to take NOW to adhere to the deadline. We’ll cover:

  • New York’s PMP Interconnect® participation
  • What to do if you won’t meet the March 27 e-prescribing deadline
  • How to meet DEA requirements for e-prescribing controlled substances
  • What e-prescribing software looks like and how it works

Once you start e-prescribing, the benefits become clear, especially when you use software that fulfills all of your workflow needs like the one I’ll show you.

Together we will swiftly get you on track to comply with e-prescribing laws, increase patient satisfaction, and improve your workflow.

Live demo of e-prescribing software included!

See you on March 22.


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