Comply with I-STOP Using the Official
E-prescribing Solution of MSSNY

New Powerful Mobile ePrescribing App Available to MSSNY Members

The Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) has partnered with DrFirst to offer MSSNY members DrFirst’s new mobile e-prescribing app, iPrescribe®.

Optimized for mobile experiences on small screens, iPrescribe brings you the full power of e-prescribing in an intuitive interface that allows you to e-prescribe from anywhere.

Faster e-prescribing

Prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances with just a few taps on your phone.

Smarter e-prescribing

Access patients’ health insurance formulary and co-pay costs as you e-prescribe. 

Safer e-prescribing

Receive clinical alerts and consult the most robust medication history available in the industry.

Better e-prescribing

Exchange secure messages with patients and your care team.

To learn more about this limited-time offer visit our iPrescribe page.

Learn about Rcopia and EPCS Gold 2.0 for MSSNY

Download the product overview to learn more about Rcopia and EPCS Gold 2.0, DrFirst’s e-prescribing solution for legend and controlled drugs.


I-STOP Fact Sheet

Learn how to comply with I-STOP, including what you need to do to register with the New York PMP, and how to meet the e-prescribing requirement.

I-STOP Solutions Overview

As the industry leader in e-prescribing for legend and controlled drugs, DrFirst has solutions to help your practice or hospital deploy your providers.

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Rcopia and EPCS Gold combine legend and controlled drug prescribing in a single workflow to help providers comply with I-STOP. To purchase an annual license to web-based Rcopia and EPCS Gold for each prescriber in your practice, enter the number of prescribers below and select optional add-ons designed to help make your practice even more efficient.

One-year license for web-based Rcopia and EPCS Gold includes:

  • Patient medication history data
  • Current formulary information
  • Drug-drug/drug-allergy alerts
  • Pharmacy database
  • Identity-proofing in compliance with DEA Interim Final Rule and NIST
  • EPCS soft token (for use on a smart phone or internet browser)
  • 24/7/365 telephone and email support
  • Basic training session

What to expect when purchasing e-prescribing from DrFirst:


x $799 annually

Additional Services

Make the most of Rcopia and EPCS by importing your current patient demographic data from your existing practice management system.

Add to order (+$299 One time)

Purchase a one-hour dedicated training session to enhance the training materials that are included with your EPCS Gold license. This training session is conducted over the phone and internet and is scheduled at time that is convenient for you and your staff.

Add to order (+$149 One time)

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