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DrFirst Survey Reveals that Consumers Still Struggle to Obtain Medical Records Electronically, Despite Widespread Availability of Online Solutions

January 23, 2020

Rockville, Md. – Despite healthcare providers’ widespread adoption of web-based patient portals, about one-third of consumers report they have never used one to view their medical records, according to a recent survey conducted by DrFirst, a pioneer in technology, support, and services that connect people at touchpoints of patient care.

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Survey: Patients Prefer Secure Texting Over Patient Portal Communication From Their Physicians

February 12, 2019

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Only 10 percent of patients prefer to receive physician communications via patient portals, whereas twice that many (19.6 percent) favor receiving information via secure text messages when in-person and phone calls are not an option. The new survey, conducted by DrFirst, the nation’s leading provider of e-prescribing and patient medication management solutions, also found that more than 90 percent of respondents would like the ability to communicate via secure text messaging with a family member’s care team if that loved one were ill.

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