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Asti's South Hills Pharmacy

Backline enhanced Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy’s ability to connect with multiple stakeholders – such as patients, providers, payers, and colleagues. Messaging is a critical part of ASTI’s effort to be efficient because it allows the pharmacy’s staff to touch a number of people at any given moment.



Huron Valley Physicians Association

Kostoff and her team chose DrFirst®’s Rcopia® Classic as the system to endorse for the HVPA PO. “When I looked through everything, I thought the DrFirst program was the cleanest. It addressed things in a comprehensive way.” At Kostoff’s request, DrFirst created a robust demo site to introduce e-prescribing to practices within the HVPA system. Kostoff populated the demo site, tailoring it to provider specialties, and then encouraged the offices to become familiar with the demo before they began using the software in their practices.

Implementing DrFirst’s Rcopia offered additional benefits to HVPA. “It gave us exposure to the offices. It was our first step to networkwide IT implementation. It also gave us the opportunity to look at additional benefits such as safety and coordination of care. It’s even mandated in some of our protocols that when a PCP refers a patient to a specialist in our network, they save the med list as a pdf.”


Boone County Hospital

Like many hospitals, Boone County Hospital has heavy demands on its resources. On average, Boone, a critical access hospital in central Iowa, sees a daily census of 15-16 patients. Every minute spent prescribing, managing drugs, and on administrative duties is time spent away from providing care to patients. In January 2013, Boone implemented MEDITECH 6.0, adding CPOE the following December, which achieved their goal of supporting medication reconciliation and discharge prescribing.

Boone learned that DrFirst was working with MEDITECH to develop a new lookup process and data subscription for medications called SmartStrings℠. With the need to enhance workflow, Boone chose SmartStrings to leverage more meaningful medication order strings and ensure an easily maintained database. SmartStrings allowed their sta to select a medication order string with one click for medication reconciliation and e-prescribing, mitigating the repetitive, manual process they previously employed.


Groves Community Hospice

Hospice Implements Secure Texting to Improve Communications and Patient Safety

For Groves Community Hospice, every situation involving patients requires rapid response; this poses a particular challenge, as more than 80 percent of the hospice staff work in the field.

With the implementation of Backline® at Groves, doctors and nurses can now consult and collaborate within discipline specific-groups, and securely transfer information supporting better patient care.

“Backline has added a great deal of efficiency to the communication process at Groves,” says Hensley. “Streamlining communications around patient care creates a better, healthier experience all around for our patients and their families.”


Avera Health Predicts 15,000 Hours and $800,000 Saved in the First Year with SmartStringsSM

With Avera Health providers writing more than 25,000 prescriptions per week, the efficiency and accuracy of each prescription is critical. When the hospital learned that DrFirst had developed a new lookup process and data subscription for MEDITECH hospitals that enabled providers to maintain and use a true personal list of favorites, move to a smaller list of commonly-prescribed medications with order strings, and if needed, proceed to a the full medication list, all within a single, integrated workflow, they knew they wanted to get SmartStrings.

Avera Health anticipates that the improvements in e-prescribing workflow will save them 15,000 staff hours, equaling $800,000 in the first year of using the product.

“As the lead for the FSV transition team, I was confident that DrFirst’s SmartStrings would deliver the solution we were seeking to make the medication lookup manageable for nurses and providers. Our ongoing relationship with DrFirst and their proven excellence in e-prescribing gave me the assurance I needed to move forward and have Avera be one of the initial sites to implement SmartStrings.” – Lisa Rave, Clinical Integration Pharmacist for Avera.