During Hurricane Michael, an elderly lady came into our ER. Fortunately she didn’t have any acute issues; she was just a hurricane evacuee who had run out of medicine. She had a small pill planner with a few half tablets left in it. Not surprisingly, she couldn’t remember the names of her medications.

We performed a quick search in DrFirst’s MedHx which gave us a good med history including the names of her current meds. Two minutes later, she was on her way to the local pharmacy to get an emergency supply of her heart and thyroid medications.

Without MedHx, this process would have taken longer. Thanks for a great product!

Warren Bailey, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy
Doctors Memorial Hospital

With the upcoming I-STOP e-prescribing deadline, our members looked to MSSNY to help provide information about the I-STOP legislation as well as guidance on the most effective solutions for legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing. MSSNY’s healthcare information technology committee conducted a thorough analysis of numerous e-prescribing solutions available in the marketplace. We identified DrFirst as delivering the most effective e-platforms in terms of clinical workflow, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Andrew Kleinman MD
Medical Society of the State of New York

Since implementing MedHx, we have completely changed our process for acquiring medication history. Now our ER nurses complete the process in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s faster, and more accurate, and we get a one-year history of meds instead of just a current list. This enables our doctors to do the admission medication reconciliation with the admission order. It’s better and safer for our patients, and saves us a lot of time.

Sandra Luffman
Point of Care Coordinator
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

We chose DrFirst because the company has a long-standing reputation for providing the best e-prescribing solution in the industry. We strive to bring best-in-class technology to our customers, and DrFirst’s Rcopia® certainly meets that standard. Working with the DrFirst team has been just as positive. Their integration team, working together with our own, actually has us ahead of our original integration timeline.

Christine M. Archibald
Founder and CEO

We were very happy with the ease of implementing MedHx℠ and how quickly DrFirst was able to get everything in place.

Erin Lewis
Berger Health

MedHx is saving phone calls to other pharmacies and fills in a lot of information that the patients don’t remember.

Tina Bolander
Knox Community Hospital

As the lead for the Formulary Service Vendor transition team, I was confident that DrFirst’s SmartStrings℠ would deliver the solution we were seeking to make the medication lookup manageable for nurses and providers. Our ongoing relationship with DrFirst and their proven excellence in e-prescribing gave me the assurance I needed to move forward and have Avera be one of the initial sites to implement SmartStrings.

Lisa Rave
Clinical Integration Pharmacist
Avera Health

DrFirst’s customer support is over the top!

Robbi Jo Mitchell-Enderle
Director of Pharmacy
Knox Community Hospital

Akario Backline secure messaging has added a great deal of efficiency to the communication process at Groves. Streamlining communications around patient care creates a better, healthier experience all-around for our patients and their families.

David Hensley
Business Office Manager
Groves Community Hospice

MedHx has been the best product we’ve ever purchased since I’ve worked here. It works just like it’s supposed to. The benefits of MedHx were evident right away. Not only did we get clear, concise reports, they included dosage and directions rather than just the name of the drug. We could also see if the patient was using multiple pharmacies or multiple doctors, giving us an expanded view of the patient’s med history and preventing duplicate medications or therapies. In addition, we were finding more of our patients through MedHx than we had found through the HIS feed.

Wendy Mohr
Emergency Nursing Supervisor
North Canyon Medical Center

The outcome was definitive: MedHx was the superior solution. We had better match rates and DrFirst’s lists almost always had fuller medication history.

Tyson Thornton
Director of Pharmacy
Sebasticook Valley Health

We chose DrFirst for controlled substance e-prescribing based on its industry-leading expertise, its total-solution support covering the identity proofing process, token management and end-user onboarding, as well as the flexibility of its technology which will enable us to integrate EPCS Gold℠ into all three of our EHR software platforms.

Mark Janiszewski
Senior Vice President of Product Management

MedHx gives us more than just drug information, we get a more complete clinical picture of the patient’s health. Armed with that information, we now tailor our patient conversations better.

Theresa Reynolds
Director of Clinical Inpatient
Crescent City Surgical Center

We would not be able to do our jobs as well without the MedHx application, which has become an indispensable resource for us here at Summit Healthcare. DrFirst helps our doctors and pharmacists, as well as our patients and families, and helps us live up to our mission and the pride we take in patient safety.

Kristi Letner
Pharmacy Technician
Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center