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Get In Formation with Secure Messaging and Administrative Controls

Healthcare organizations are facing an increasing number of patients, a limited number of staff, and more regulations than ever. They are counting on their HIS to provide them with forward thinking solutions that proactively address areas they are struggling with, while elevating them above their peers.

Partnering with DrFirst to offer the Backline® allows you to provide an efficient and affordable way to streamline collaboration without impeding workflow. Give them the tools to quickly deliver accurate clinical data resulting in better health outcomes, reduced potential for miscommunication, avoiding adverse events, reduce re-admissions, and finally have administrative oversight, control, and reporting of their facility’s communications.

Features That Help You Deploy with Accuracy

Backline Secure Messaging Suite

  • 1-to-1 chat, customized group chat, and Patient-Centered Chat
  • Secure file sharing
  • User status indicators to identify online users
  • Delivery and push notifications
  • Available on IOS/iPhone, Android, and the web
  • Meets HIPAA, HITECH and Joint Commission requirements
  • Bring “patient chat” details back into the patient record

Backline Enterprise

  • Web-based, user-friendly administrative console
  • Administer user access, rights and privileges
  • Create and monitor user groups
  • Search and control message content
  • Broadcast enterprise-wide messages
  • Track user analytics and insights
  • Manage user access, entitlements, and permissions
  • Message and audit trail search, retention and archiving
  • Archive and access data/PHI storage protocols
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Event Notification Features

Through our Backline secure messaging platform, your system can securely offer successful transitions of care, minimize gaps and reduce readmission risk by automatically, securely delivering electronic notifications of key patient events to follow-on caregivers such as hospitalists, primary providers, specialists, and extended care facilities.

  • Notifications are customizable to hospital’s preferences
  • Discharge plan of care/instructions delivered immediately upon discharge
  • Discharge summaries delivered when filed
  • Audit logs with date and time stamps provide record of delivery notification and views
  • Automated event notifications triggered by key patient events
  • SSL security and HIPAA-compliant processes protect PHI and your hospital

Precision Landing on Target

Creating a secure messaging communications system that does not hinder workflow is a full time endeavor. Working with us ensures you hit the mark the very first time with your clients, and avoid heading in the wrong direction and wasting valuable time and resources. Let us be your guide to a successful launch into secure messaging.

Watch Backline in Action

Watch a demonstration of Backline and Backline Enterprise to learn how hospitals can leverage secure chat and text to improve productivity and patient outcomes while protecting PHI.


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