Secure Messaging for EMS

Med History on Demand and Real-time Communication with EDs

Real-time Medication History Data On-Scene

A common challenge that EMTs face is that it is difficult to determine the right care pathway if a patient is unresponsive or disorientated. They need to know what medication the patient is taking, otherwise they don’t know what drug interactions might occur. This creates hesitancy to treat these patients prior to arriving at the hospital.

DrFirst’s Backline® solution for EMS offers first responders real-time access to protected medical information to determine the best course of treatment. Backline is an award-winning, HIPAA-compliant mobile app that enables EMTs to:

  • Display up-to-date medication data by scanning the patient’s driver’s license
  • Improve on-scene patient assessments
  • Reduce medication errors

Expedite treatment while ensuring patient safety with med history lookup via Backline.

Streamline Communication Between EMTs and EDs

Collaboration between EMS and ED is critical because every second counts. Yet, crucial patient information is often not communicated because EMS updates are typically given over radio calls or other unsecure channels.

Backline provides a HIPAA-compliant way for EMTs and EDs to share information while patients are en route to the hospital. This allows ED staff to create patient charts and order tests faster in anticipation of the patient’s arrival.

Better information from EMTs saves time – and therefore saves lives. Accelerate care, improve ED throughput, and deliver better outcomes through care collaboration powered by Backline.

Backline Features

  • Patient driver’s license scan to look up health information
  • Access up to 6 months of real-time medication data
  • Cross-organizational secure messaging
  • HIPAA-compliant file sharing (including images, videos, forms, summarized CCDs and more)

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