Unlock the Power of Secure Communication, Anytime and Anywhere Backline for Hospice Backline

In the Field or at the Hospice, Backline Enquire Keeps Care Teams Connected

Homecare and hospice workers need unique communication tools to stay connected with other members of a patient’s care team at any time and from wherever they are in their day, without interrupting care delivery.

DrFirst’s Backline Enquire solution answers that call. Designed specifically with hospice and homecare workers in mind, Backline Enquire keeps interdisciplinary, and often inter-organizational, care teams connected in real-time, even from a patient’s bedside, using their own mobile devices.

With Backline Enquire, hospice and home care clinicians can devote more time to patient care and less time to administrative tasks or waiting for return phone calls.

Our Hospice Solutions

  • Connect all members of interdisciplinary care teams securely, inside or outside the facility
  • Ensure vital clinical teams can share critical patient information securely within and across organizations
  • Provide immediate access to additional medical and pharmacy support from the bedside
  • Enable care teams to update family members and other caregivers on patient status
  • Eliminate care gaps, smooth transitions of care, and deliver faster access to much needed pharmacy support, all available at your fingertips