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BYOD and Security

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality, even when it’s not sanctioned by the facility. Nearly 90% of healthcare workers use personal phones at work to leverage the convenience and immediacy of mobile technology.

So take action – make sure that your providers have secure messaging tools specifically designed for healthcare, and ensure that your facility is protected from unintended patient PHI disclosures and potential HIPAA violations.

Backline secure messaging for healthcare industries meets all HIPAA, HITECH and Joint Commission requirements. It connects providers in real-time, securely, from any location, to support care in progress and transitions of care. And only Backline features Patient-Centered ChatSM, triggered automatically by your HIS system ADT/HL7 feed, enabling patient care team members to collaborate instantly and share data specific to a single patient. Backline paired with Backline Enterprise is the optimal secure messaging solution for hospitals and other acute care environments.

Backline Features

  • One-to-one, group, and Patient-Centered Chat modes
  • Physician controlled patient chat function
  • User-status indicators to identify online and offline providers
  • Delivery and push notifications
  • Received/Read indicators and message time stamps
  • Photo, audio, and video file sharing
  • Accessible via iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

Backline Enterprise Features

Backline Enterprise is the companion administrative console for Backline. This robust, user-friendly, web-based dashboard allows your health care administrators to securely and swiftly manage provider use, data archiving and enterprise-level reporting for Backline Secure Messaging tools.

  • Upload users and administer rights and privileges
  • Create and monitor user groups
  • Search and control messaging content
  • Broadcast enterprise-wide messages
  • Track user analytics and insights
  • Search and review messages for audit trails and archiving
  • Govern data return via ADT/HL7 to your HIS master patient record

Event Notification Features

Backline helps hospitals and other acute care facilities increase successful transitions of care and reduce readmission risk by securely delivering notification of key patient events to physicians and clinical staff across the patient’s circle of caregivers automatically.

Working seamlessly with any HIS, Backline secure messaging for healthcare services captures event messages from your ADT/HL7 feed, cross-checks against identified provider roles and preferences, and sends a secure notification of the patient event to all relevant providers.

With fast and secure access to ADT event notifications, hospitalists, primary providers, specialists, extended care facilities, and other authorized follow-on care providers can more quickly and knowledgeably deliver continuing care, minimizing care gaps and reducing the potential for readmission.

The Right Information to the Right Provider at the Right Time

  • Automated event notifications triggered by key patient events customizable to your facilities’ preferences
  • Discharge plan of care/instructions delivered immediately upon discharge
  • Audit logs with date and time stamps provide record of notification delivery and view
  • SSL security and HIPAA-compliant processes protect PHI and your facility

Expand Secure Communication Beyond the Walls of Your Hospital

Backline even allows providers to contact patients in secure single-session chats that are initiated and terminated by the provider, allowing for secure communication with patients, while preventing patients from initiating chats themselves.

HIPAA Compliance and Secure Messaging

Download the white paper to learn more about how your organization should address text messaging and HIPAA compliance while improving efficiency and collaboration.


Hospice Implements Secure Texting to Improve Communications and Patient Safety

Segmented workforces often face communication challenges in the field. Learn how one community hospice organization, with more than 80% of staff remote, used Backline to stay connected off-site and on-call.


Watch Backline in Action

Watch a video demonstration of Backline to learn how your acute care organization can leverage these real-time communication tools to support patient care, increase productivity, protect PHI.


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