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Backline Secure Text Messaging for Physicians

Secure Messaging for Physicians by Backline Backline®

Comprehensive Clinical Decisions

Physician practices face increasing patient loads, decreasing staff levels and more regulations than ever. They need flexible, reliable, secure communication tools that enhance healthcare workflows, and that make it safe and easy to share patient data and streamline provider collaboration.

Backline® offers you and your staff a secure messaging solution built specifically for healthcare that meets all HIPAA, HiTech Act and Joint Commission requirements. Backline offers the ease of text messaging with colleagues and patients, without the risk of sending protected health information (PHI) over common, non-secure channels, which can result in costly HIPAA violations.

Backline Delivers Secure Text Messages for Instant Care Team Collaboration

  • Available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, and web-based desktop environments
  • Private, group and Patient-Centered ChatSM modes
  • Real-time delivery status indicators and timestamps
  • Supports attachments up to 20MBs, including photos, videos, audio files and documents
  • Secure text messaging encryption for physicians protects privacy, prevents unintended disclosure and meets HIPAA and Joint Commission requirements

Powerful Administrative Oversight with Backline Enterprise

  • Web-based, user-friendly administrative console
  • Manage practice users, access rights, and privileges
  • Create and monitor user groups
  • Search and control message content
  • Track user analytics and insights
  • Message audit trail search, retention and archiving

Backline and Backline Enterprise can help you make better clinical decisions by empowering your practice with more efficient communications and better patient data transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Watch a video demonstration of Backline to learn how physicians and office staff can leverage secure chat and text to improve productivity and patient outcomes while protecting PHI.


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