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EPCS Gold 2.0 Controlled Substance E-Prescribing for EHR/EMR/HIS Systems EPCS Gold for EMRs EPCS Gold

Catch the Wave for Your System

Bring your system to the leading edge of controlled substance management with EPCS GoldSM 2.0.

Integrating EPCS Gold equips EMRs, EHRs and HIS systems with the most advanced controlled substance e-prescribing capability in the market. EPCS Gold enables your providers to write for schedule II through V drugs electronically, easily and seamlessly within their normal workflow, and will help your providers reduce drug abuse, drug diversion and “doctor shopping.”

Whether you use DrFirst Rcopia e-prescribing services within your EMR, have developed your own, or use a third-party legend drug e-prescribing platform, you can go to market faster and with far less cost by adopting the EPCS Gold 2.0 solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substances.

Hang Loose - Let DrFirst Handle EPCS

Maintain Focus on Your Core Competencies
Integrate EPCS Gold 2.0 and let DrFirst manage:

  • On-going development and CIP
  • Certification and auditing
  • Data migration
  • Customer support
  • Identity proofing and onboarding
  • Two-factor authentication services
Be Free of Regulatory Worries
EPCS Gold meets all regulatory and certification requirements:

  • DEA Interim Final Rule
  • NIST Identity Proofing Requirements
  • Surescripts Gold Certification
Improve Your Solution

  • Give your providers the tools to make an impact on controlled substance abuse
  • Eliminate separate system workflows for legend drugs and controlled substances
  • Increase your system’s appeal to specialties with significant EPCS needs
  • Stay current on state, federal and pharmacy marketplace conditions

Stoke Your System with EPCS Gold

Investing your time and resources to build your own controlled substance e-prescribing system that meets stringent DEA, NIST and Surescripts certification and auditing criteria is not cost-effective, and it prevents you from maintaining focus on your core competencies. We have already helped over 250 system vendors catch the EPCS wave. Don’t let your providers get left behind.

Download Our EPCS Report

Download our Report on the State of EPCS, “Evolving EPCS Landscape 2016: A Prescription for Stopping Opioid Abuse”

  • 90% of docs prescribe controlled substances
  • 90% of EHRs and HIS’s have EPCS capability
  • 50 states (and DC) now approved for EPCS
  • 82% of pharmacies nationwide are EPCS-enabled
  • 6% of providers are EPCS-enabled
  • All providers in NY must e-prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances by March 27, 2016, in adherence to NY’s I-STOP legislation

Download the report

The History of Controlled Substance E-prescribing and EPCS Gold

In 2010, DrFirst collaborated with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Emdeon to develop EPCS GoldSM, the nation’s first certified solution for e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS). Watch the video to learn how EPCS Gold paved the way for controlled substance e-prescribing through this groundbreaking pilot program.


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