Better Medication History = Better Patient Care MedHx for Pharmacies

Why Should Your Pharmacy Provide Medication Data?

Complete medication history is at the heart of high quality patient care. When physicians have better data during the patient visit, they are better armed to make informed clinical decisions. Many chain pharmacies provide prescription data through health information networks, but independent pharmacies are often left out.
At DrFirst, we’re working to close the data gap by providing the most complete medication history available at the point of the doctor-patient encounter. Through a variety of ways, more and more independent pharmacies choose to entrust us with their data in order to:

  • Be a true partner in patient care
  • Help improve patient safety
  • Enabling prescribers to spot patients at risk for opioid-abuse
  • Build their relationships with local healthcare providers and hospitals
  • Enhance their connection with patients—and the community

The Most Robust Medication History Source Available

DrFirst’s medication history data includes a rolling 12 months of history data built from a variety of sources, including:

  • The Surescripts network, including PBMs, such as CVS Caremark and Express Scripts, and national and regional pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and others
  • Payer and HIE data
  • DrFirst’s Wide Area Patient Search (WAPS) data
  • 80+ million Rcopia e-prescriptions per year
  • Pharmacy fill data
  • Hosted payer data