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Blue Sky Thinking for Patients and Providers

DrFirst’s PatientAdvisorSM platform expands patient adherence horizons with a robust suite of clinical, behavioral and socioeconomic support tools that improve patient medication adherence and disease self-management, and that are fully integrated within the provider’s EHR/eRX workflow.

Our highly intuitive PatientAdvisor Toolbar gives access to critical functionality, clinical content and other evidence-based, diagnosis-specific support services designed to help patients manage their conditions and stay on-track with their treatment plans.

In addition to being standard functionality in DrFirst’s Rcopia© e-prescribing application, the PatientAdvisor Toolbar can also be integrated directly within your EMR/EHR/HIS technology.

Evidence-Based Support for Better Clinical Outcomes




  • Identify patients who may be at greater risk for non-adherence
  • Review patient-specific scorecards with patient history
  • Receive patient-specific, clinically-relevant messaging at the point of encounter
  • Process electronic prior authorizations (ePA) proactively in the workflow


  • Provide evidenced-based, diagnosis-specific education materials
  • Recommend treatment plans and patient support programs


  • Provide educational content based on medication, diagnosis and labs
  • Provide financial savings support, including prescription co-pay coupons, to reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses

In-Workflow Prescription Drug Benefit Check

Without ever leaving the e-prescribing workflow, myBenefitCheckSM allows physicians to virtually go to the pharmacy with their patients, selecting the best prescription and pharmacy options based on the patient’s formulary and benefit design; thereby ensuring the best course of action with the patient’s well-being and medication adherence in mind.

Let DrFirst be Your Adherence Wing-Man

  • Benefit from our relationships across every sector of healthcare
  • Gain peace of mind with easy integration into the clinical workflow
  • Increase your system’s profits through our revenue sharing business models

Empower Your Providers with ePA+

Offer your providers the most seamless and comprehensive electronic prior authorization functionality in the marketplace. Our ePA+ solution will:

  • Decrease your business and development costs while attaining multiple ePA feeds through a single connection
  • Reduce the administrative burden of providers by as much as 70% when processing prior authorizations
  • Enable you to obtain scalable, transaction-based revenue for your system

The Sky's the Limit

At point-of-encounter, PatientAdvisor helps providers address the underlying causes of therapy non-adherence. When your users are enabled with PatientAdvisor, the sky’s the limit.

Download our infographic on the effects of non-adherence to medication therapy:

  • Non-adherence harms patients and costs them as much as $2,000 more in medical expenses each year
  • 20% – 30% of prescriptions are not filled
  • 75% of adults forget to take their medications or don’t take them properly


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