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You see it every day: At-risk patients who don’t adhere to their medications, negatively affecting their health and often resulting in more expensive treatment down the road. Research shows that patient compliance to drug therapy can significantly increase when providers help them understand why, how and when to use their medications and provide them with tools to support their compliance.

PatientAdvisorSM takes medication management to the next level by giving you additional tools to monitor and improve patient adherence to medications. Available as native functionality within the Rcopia e-prescribing system, as well as through many of the systems of our 320+ EMR partners, you can now access clinical scorecards, behavioral tools, and health education resources tailored to your patient’s condition.

Use PatientAdvisor to help you facilitate adherence discussions with your patient, better understand the underlying cause of their non-adherence, and assist them with tools to get back on track.


Download now: Infographic on the effects of medication non-adherence

Evidence-Based Support for Your Patients

  • Interactive patient adherence scorecard, including medication adherence rates and prescription fill/refill data
  • At-risk alerts for providers, identifying patients in jeopardy of non-adherence
  • Diagnosis-specific education materials based on medication, diagnosis and labs
  • Prescription coupons and co-pay savings programs to reduce patient out of pocket costs – the leading cause of patient non-adherence to medication regimens

Thousands of providers depend on PatientAdvisor every day to address barriers to adherence and support their patients to healthy outcomes.

In-Workflow Prescription Drug Benefit Check

Without ever leaving the e-prescribing workflow, myBenefitCheckSM allows physicians to virtually go to the pharmacy with their patients, selecting the best prescription and pharmacy options based on the patient’s formulary and benefit design; thereby ensuring the best course of action with the patient’s well-being and medication adherence in mind.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Complete prior authorizations quickly and easily and help prevent prescription abandonment. ePA+:

  • Reduces administrative hassles and turnaround time by returning up to 70% of prior authorizations within seconds
  • Notifies the provider immediately, within the eRx workflow, if selected drug needs prior authorization
  • Covers multiple health plans, PBMs and vendors

Download our Infographic on the Effects of Medication Non-Adherence

  • Annually, medication non-adherence costs $2,000 per patient in physician visits
  • 15% of adults are largely non-adherent with their treatment plans according to the National Community Pharmacists Association’s National Report Card on Adherence
  • Patient adherence with prescribed medication regimens is less than 50%
  • 24% of new prescriptions are not filled, accounting for up to 50% of treatment failures
  • About ½ of all Americans (133 million) have a chronic condition, representing at least 50% of all prescriptions

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Learn How You Can Help Address Medication Non-Adherence

Watch the video to learn how PatientAdvisor helps improve medication adherence and disease self-management by high-risk patients.


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