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The New Era of Electronic Medication Management. Rcopia4. Rcopia for EMRs Rcopia

More than 107 million medication transactions annually and 108,000 prescribers (283,000 users) have put our market-leading e-medication management software to the test. Our users have told us how well Rcopia works, and how it could be even better, resulting in a redefinition of e-medication management gold standards, carefully architected to deliver a faster, more flexible toolset for health IT vendors and providers through a modern, sleek UI.

Behind the screen, Rcopia4’s modular widget structure empowers maximum flexibility to customize the interface and user experience. Optimize workflow and support your branding requirements with the freedom to change colors, fonts, content layout, content availability, and more.

E-Medication Management Software and Services Under Rcopia4


The industry’s #1-ranked e-prescribing platform for desktop, iOS, and Android, plus concierge pharmacy services for patients


Predictive analytics for faster e-prescribing and drug data management


Market-leading e-prescribing for controlled substances


Institutional and individual provider identity proofing utility


Healthcare’s most complete electronic patient medication history data feed


Adherence monitoring, patient behavioral support, electronic prior-authorization, and real-time formulary and pharmacy benefit checks

Fully Integrated. Fully Independent.

Never before has e-medication management been so completely connected and so completely separable. From e-prescribing for controlled substances, legend drug e-prescribing, and electronic patient medication history, to electronic prior authorization, real-time benefit checking, provider-to-provider secure communication and more, pick and choose hosted off-the-shelf, or custom implementations within your EHR/EMR/HIS via Rcopia4’s new layered-services architecture.

Integrate On Your Terms

Rcopia4 brings to an end the paradigm of monolithic health IT and e-medication management applications. The Rcopia4 Platform is comprised of layered service access points that connect your system to modular content widgets, customizable widgets, API groups, and/or any of more than 400 individual APIs. Our Platform architecture brings modularity to the front-end of the system and affords high flexibility in clinical content design within the host application. Our modular architecture also offers exceptional extensibility through available adapters that offer access to Rcopia4 services through virtually any language or protocol.

Web Integration Services Integration
Rcopia Integration Types Launch Rcopia within your UI via SSO connection. Minimize need for internal integration resources. Fully customize all e-medication management workflows.
Best For Vendors Who Want to… Get to market ASAP with the lowest-available integration cost and a full suite of built-in customization options. Retain complete control over your UI/UX by tapping directly into grouped or individual APIs.
Speed to Market  XXXX XXXX
Resource Requirements  XXXX XXXX
Customizability  XXXX XXXX
Customization Options UI look-and-feel, branding, layout and content availability. 200+ grouped and individual APIs.
Internationalization/Localization Support Yes Yes
Host Application Flexibility XXXX XXXX

The DrFirst Experience

Working with DrFirst means more than just acquiring technology and industry certifications. We know that as our partners grow, we grow. So we are focused on continually expanding our services to support your growing needs, for example:

  • Enhanced consolidated and component service offerings
  • Interactive tech docs and digital API libraries
  • E-commerce sales support
  • Co-operative marketing programs

Additionally, we provide industry-leading up-time and response time guarantees and we staff the most capable implementation, account management, and support teams in the industry with 24×7 technical and customer service.

We want our partners and their users to have a magical experience working with DrFirst.  Rcopia4 is a giant leap toward that goal.

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