Collaboration Is Key to Hospitals Meeting Meaningful Use

January 10, 2011

After reading the article, “Optimism about meeting the meaningful use fades for hospitals.” I could  not help but sit back and think about the current state of healthcare in the United States. reported, “The biggest hurdle is overcoming (Physician) resistance to computerized physician order systems.” The physicians are slow to change because they have little to gain financially.

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The DrFirst Medication Management Process

November 10, 2010

Ever since the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published its reports To Err is Human (1999) and The Quality Chasm (2001), the entire hospital industry has been striving to improve patient safety.  One of the major recommendations to come out of the IOM reports is that we use Health Information Technology (HIT) to build and support better systems and processes. 

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Launch Your Medication Management Program Faster and for Less with DrFirst

October 26, 2010

DrFirst recently launched its new hospital consulting group to help hospitals nationwide with implementing medication management programs that meet “meaningful use” requirements.  The group was formed as the result of extensive research that showed hospitals face a six-month or more process to accomplish this with the collaboration of various hospital departments and help from an outside consultant.  

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DrFirst Introduces Hospital Consulting Services for Medication Management

October 20, 2010

Hospitals today are short-staffed, underfunded, and mired in “must-do” projects that can take huge amounts of time to complete due to complexity and collaboration. Medication management is one of those projects.  It impacts the patient entering the hospital and lingers after the patient is home recovering. 

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