Top 10 Reasons for Dentists to E-prescribe

December 8, 2017

Listed below are the top ten reasons why dentists should use e-prescribing in their dental practices. 1. Improve Patient Safety
E-prescribing can significantly reduce medication errors that claim an estimated 7,000 lives each year in the US.  The ADA Council on Dental Practices notes that these errors are caused primarily by illegible handwriting, unclear abbreviations, dose errors, ambiguous orders and fax clarity—most of which are avoidable with e-prescribing.

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About the Author

Michael Kaminski, DDS, FAGD Dental Strategist

Michael Kaminski, DDS, FAGD is a Maryland dentist and DrFirst’s strategist for the use of Backline and iPrescribe solutions in dentistry. Dr. Kaminski is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and he has practiced general dentistry for over forty years in Olney, Maryland. He also helps to direct a dental clinic in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Kaminski concentrates on the utilization of Backline and iPrescribe in both the private practice setting and in dental universities. He is also a member of DrFirst’s Opioid Abuse Task Force.