Improving Provider Behavior to Enhance Prescription Quality

May 15, 2014

In this next installment of my blog series on increasing quality in the e-prescribing marketplace I want to focus on the question of provider behavior. As I mentioned in my introduction to this series, there is a tendency to place nearly all of the blame for e-prescribing quality issues squarely on the shoulders of providers, which I believe is largely counterproductive.

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I-STOP in New York is Finally Taking Off

March 27, 2014

In the very short amount of time since the New York State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE) finalized its guidelines for providers and pharmacies to implement the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) there has been a widespread movement from the New York healthcare community to begin using the new technology.

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Should the E-prescribing Industry Require Mandatory Standards?

December 19, 2013

To follow on to my introductory blog post regarding prescription quality, this blog series is dedicated to examining current quality issues in the e-prescribing industry in order to help foster cross-industry conversations about some of the most pressing dilemmas in the field today.

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E-Prescription Quality: An Industry Issue

November 14, 2013

E-Prescribing is not a small, niche technology any longer. The clinical benefits of this technology, coupled with governmental incentives, and a wave of highly impactful innovations have made e-prescribing an integral and permanent aspect of the healthcare industry. Most of e-prescribing’s earliest advocates knew that as e-prescribing technology continued to evolve and the e-prescribing industry’s significance continued to grow, a number of potentially contentious issues were bound to emerge regarding industry best practices and the new technology’s role within the clinical environment.

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Michelle Soble-Lernor

Michelle Soble-Lernor is DrFirst’s Principle Pharmacist, and works in our Clinical Quality Office. Michelle plays a leading role in ensuring the security, quality, and precision of DrFirst’s interactions with key stakeholders. She earned her BA in Pharmacy and her Master’s in Toxicology at the University of Arizona prior to receiving her MBA in Healthcare Management at Western International University. In addition to her duties at DrFirst, Ms. Soble-Lernor is also an active and influential voice within her pharmacy community, serving as a Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy Practice and Services for the University of Arizona’s pharmacy school, as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Midwestern University Glendale’s pharmacy school. Ms. Soble-Lernor also continues to work as a retail pharmacist on a limited basis in order to stay abreast of new industry trends and dynamics.