Mind the Gap…in Medication Management

April 14, 2017

For decades, passengers on the London Underground (“the Tube”) were warned to “mind the gap” by the omnipresent, automated male voice, cautioning them to avoid stepping into the significant – yet somehow often unseen – space between the edge of the platform and the subway train.

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Embracing Electronic Medication History: 3 Functions to Consider

June 14, 2016

Medication reconciliation is a hot topic, and has been for years. Obtaining a patient’s complete, accurate medication history remains a source of tremendous frustration for many clinicians. The best medication reconciliations almost always begin with obtaining an accurate, complete, current, patient-validated home medication list.

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About the Author

Nick Barger Principal Pharmacist

Nick Barger, Pharm.D., is a registered pharmacist and DrFirst’s principal pharmacist. He leads clinical quality programs at DrFirst for provider, payer and pharmacy solutions. Dr. Barger has inpatient and outpatient pharmacy experience, with a concentration in informatics, and participates in leading industry organization initiatives for the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and the American Pharmacists Association.