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Frequently Asked Questions About Backline®

Product Overview

March 30, 2015


What is Backline?

Backline Secure Exchange Suite from DrFirst is a collection of HIPAA-compliant secure communications applications that enable providers to exchange clinical information at the point of care, protect PHI from inappropriate disclosure or breach, and sustain a HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant communications environment.

How are Backline Secure Exchange Suite applications secure?

Backline Secure Exchange Suite applications are all operated and maintained behind DrFirst’s secure firewalls, with access only via SSL web services and maintenance VPNs. In addition, Backline uses HTTPS encryption to keep messages and patient data secure. No protected data is stored on mobile devices. If your device is lost or stolen, any information transmitted via Backline will remain confidential, with fail safe security measures designed to ensure that your patients’ personal health information remains private.

How do I manage my organization’s Backline users?

Administrators use Backline Enterprise to upload their user directories through Excel/XML or .csv integration, or to enter or delete users on the fly.

How much data usage do these secure messages comprise?

Data usage is similar to that of your standard text or email messaging data usage. Content involving attachments such as image, video or audio files will use a more data compared to plain text. However, all methods are very minimal with regards to data usage.

Does everyone using Backline have access to Backline Enterprise?

No. Only authorized administrators will have access to Backline Enterprise. Administrator(s) have the ability to manage users and department account information, and send out mass communication to all users of Backline.

How does Backline Enterprise provide user auditing capabilities?

With Backline Enterprise, administrators can monitor their Backline users, review application usage, and create report statistics about Backline use. Administrators have a complete record of viewed and sent messages for all of the organization’s Backline users.

How does Backline Enterprise message archiving support HIPAA compliance?

In order to support our customers in their pursuit of compliance with federal regulations, such as HIPAA and the HITECH Act, Backline Enterprise protects and retains PHI. Administrators have immediate access to one year of Backline chat archives. Archives beyond one year are also available.

Does Backline Enterprise give users control over information being sent/communicated by others?

Yes, Backline Enterprise allows the organization administrator to monitor chat conversations, retrieve past chat conversations and filter content, as needed.

Do I have to be inside the hospital or clinic to access the Backline Secure Exchange Suite

No. The Backline Secure Exchange Suite can be accessed anywhere that WiFi or mobile network connections are available.

Can someone use this technology even if they don’t have a smartphone?

As long as the individual has access to a computer and the internet, they can use the Backline Secure Exchange Suite. Smartphones are required for the mobile version of this application, but are not a necessity.

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