Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare

DrFirst's Backline is a mobile text messaging solution that makes vital communication between healthcare providers immediate, easy, information-rich and secure.

Secure Text Messaging for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals understand that building and maintaining strong channels of HIPAA-compliant, secure communication is the bedrock for building a care culture that provides safe, quality, timely and appropriate care to patients. Secure text messaging for healthcare that meets all HIPAA regulations is a powerful, effective way to improve care coordination and close communication gaps that can impede or even harm patient care.

The widespread use of mobile devices in the hospital and acute care setting gives healthcare staff an opportunity to improve communication regarding patient information—but it can also put the facility at risk for exposing protected health information (PHI) and violating HIPAA regulations.

Significant opportunity exists within the hospital, acute care, ambulatory care and long-term care environments to provide secure text messaging for healthcare that is reliable, timely, easy to use and HIPAA compliant.

Embracing secure “social” communication through secure text messaging for healthcare enables clinical data sharing that can raise productivity levels by as much as 25 percent, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates. When a secure text messaging tool is used within a collaborative healthcare environment, dramatic increases in efficiency, productivity, patient safety and healthcare quality can be realized.

In fact, studies have shown that using outdated technologies in the healthcare setting, including pagers and, yes, telephones, significantly increases patient discharge times. Clinicians, on average, waste more than 45 minutes per day using older communications tools. Pagers are the biggest time waster–and they’re expensive. Research published in February 2016 by HIMSS Analytics found that organizations pay $9.19 per month per device for the average paging service.

Making smart investments in healthcare IT will be the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase efficiency while improving the quality of patient care. Investing in collaborative technologies, including those that enable secure text messaging for healthcare, can be a simple, powerful, effective, and widespread way to positively impact the healthcare landscape.

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Backline enables fast, easy secure texting for healthcare providers

Realizing the opportunity for increased productivity and PHI protection through the deployment of a secure text messaging for healthcare solution, DrFirst developed Backline®–a mobile texting application that makes secure text messaging for healthcare a reality. Communication between care providers is vital, and must be immediate, easy, information-rich and secure. Backline secure text messaging for healthcare enables patient-centered secure texting with built-in features designed to boost messaging efficacy, security and productivity within the clinical environment.

Backline is a secure texting solution that meets all HIPAA, HITECH and Joint Commission requirements. It offers the ease of text messaging with colleagues and patients without the risk of sending PHI over common, non-secure channels, which can result in costly HIPAA violations.

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Communicating securely in healthcare requires commitment, vigilance

Improper treatment of sensitive patient healthcare data confirms the necessity of having a secure text messaging system for sharing and storing PHI within the clinical environment.

But beware. No tool is “HIPAA-compliant” in and of itself; rather, it is the appropriate use of and macro processes surrounding such tools that enable a real path to HIPAA compliance.

Communicating efficiently with other providers and patients is critical to delivering high-quality patient care. Timely interactions enable physicians and clinicians to more effectively collaborate on their patient’s needs. Further, effective communications enable smooth transitions between care settings and create opportunities to engage patients and their caregivers in care delivery and post-discharge care management.

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DrFirst's secure text messaging healthcare solution improves communication

DrFirst’s Backline secure text messaging for healthcare helps hospitals and other acute care facilities ensure seamless transitions of care and reduced readmission risk by boosting communication inside and outside of the facility.

Some benefits of Backline secure text messaging for healthcare include:

  • Automated event notifications triggered by key patient events
  • Instant delivery of discharge plans
  • Audit logs with date and time stamps provide record of notification delivery and view
  • SSL security and HIPAA-compliant processes
  • Single-session patient chats that are initiated and terminated by the provider—patients cannot initiate chats
  • Send attachments up to 20MBs, such as audio files, images and videos
  • Encryption-protection prevents unintended disclosure and meets HIPAA requirements

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