New York Providers:
Are You EPCS-Enabled?

Mandatory e-prescribing is a reality.

Prescribers in New York must e-prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances or face strict penalties.


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  • 170,000 Professionals

  • 21,000 Ambulatory Facilities

  • 320 EHR/HIS Vendors

  • 67,000 Pharmacies

  • 70 Million eRx Annually

  • 700 Acute Care Facilities

Medication Management Platform

  • Legend Drug & Controlled Substance E-Prescribing
  • Medication Reconciliation & Medication History Data
  • Predictive Analytics & Medication Order Content
  • Medication Database Consulting
  • Improved Medication Accuracy, Provider Efficiency and Patient Safety

Secure Text Messaging Platform

  • BYOD Collaboration, Coordination and Care Transition Software
  • Secure Texting, E-Mail & Clinical Content Distribution
  • ADT/HL7 Integration to EHR Systems
  • Greater Provider Productivity PLUS HIPAA-Compliant Security
  • The Right Data, to the Right Doctor, at the Right Time

Medication Adherence Platform

  • In-Workflow Patient Medication Adherence Monitoring
  • Adherence Scorecards & At-Risk Alerts
  • Clinical, Behavioral & Financial Support Tools
  • Integrated Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)
  • Better Adherence, Better Engagement, Better Health Outcomes

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Our Physicians

With DrFirst and Rcopia, we’ve hit the trifecta: Physicians' jobs are easier, we’ve improved patient care and we can show a solid ROI.

Lori Kostoff, PharmD, Executive Director, Huron Valley Physicians Association

Our Hospitals

DrFirst really understands how to make e-prescribing and the medication reconciliation process easier.

Sondra Donald, PharmD, Pharmacy Director, Boone County Hospital

Our Partners

Partnering with DrFirst has been phenomenal. The integration has gone incredibly smooth, the DrFirst team has been very pro-active and on-time with the schedule.

Christine Archibald, CEO, ManagementPlus