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Candidates applying to DrFirst, Inc. should be prepared for the excitement and advancement opportunity presented by a successful company. Candidates should be highly motivated and ready to make a contribution to DrFirst, Inc’s business mission. DrFirst is an EEO Employer and supports a drug-free work zone.

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We work behind the scenes to crunch numbers, balance our finances, and make sure all our hard-working employees get paid! If acronyms like CAGR, EPS, GAAP, EBIDA, COGS, NPV, P/E Ratio, and P&L mean something to you, then you might be a good fit for our team.

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You could say we grease the wheels around here. Our team helps to maintain and improve both the functional, and aesthetic appeal of our facilities, and we keep our offices stocked with food, drinks, and supplies. We are the first to make a great impression with our guests, from clients to interviewees, and we are excellent tour guides around the office. We are passionate about onboarding, and training new team members, because we know that success starts with a great first week on the job. We also know how to have a good time! We are the party coordinators for cultural events, summer potlucks, baby showers, wedding showers, employee appreciation events, and anything else we can find to celebrate!

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Human Resources

We’re on the front lines to recruit, hire, and retain great staff. We protect our culture by ensuring we promote our DrFirst DNA across the company by supporting employee relations, staff development opportunities, building up our leadership teams, assisting our leadership with performance management, and handling our employee benefits. We provide opportunities for our employees to thrive both professionally, and personally, and are constantly on the look-out for new ways to motivate, engage, and appreciate our hard working teams.

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There are no “gofers” here at DrFirst. Our interns come for the opportunity to own real projects, interact with our teams, learn more about our culture, make an impact, and hopefully join us when they enter the job market. We love to groom the next generation of driven, disciplined, and smart employees for DrFIrst!

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Legal and Compliance

At a company where we are constantly moving, innovating, and setting standards, our goal is to minimize risk, guard our assets and intellectual property, and protect our brand. We cover everything from reviewing contracts, compliance and litigation management, HR policies to reviewing press releases and marketing collateral.  We take our jobs seriously, but we try to balance things with a dose of humor.

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We are DrFirst brand ambassadors promoting the vision of the company, getting our story heard, and identifying prospects who need our services. Our team is organized into 3 teams: operations, which includes maintaining our website, SEO, creating videos, and data analysis;communications, which manages our PR, content strategies, social media, writing blogs, and creating collateral; and our lead generation team, which manages email campaigns, tradeshows, and webinars. If you thrive on thinking outside the box, want to break the healthcare mold, and are exceptionally gifted in persuasive communication, then join our team!

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Our team was given the Customer Service Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan and we take wow-ing our customers seriously. We know our users are on call 24/7/365, and so are we. We ensure all our customers have a seamless integration and adoption experience, with top-notch training and education on best practices to minimize workflow disruptions. Whether the customer is a single provider or a multi-hospital system, our team proactively monitors our systems to surpass their expectations.

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Our team believes in sharing the wealth…the wealth of knowledge that we have gained as a leader in healthcare innovation over the last 15 years. We are proud to say over 60% of all HIT vendors are connected to DrFirst, and our network continues to grow exponentially. We are sometimes accused of having “Stockholm Syndrome” because we care SO much about driving successful partnerships with our vendors. We manage everything from adding new vendors to the fold, managing the integration, maintaining mutually beneficial and profitable relationships, and assisting them in empowering every provider in their network with access to our ground-breaking innovations.

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Patient Innovations

Everyone else at DrFirst is focused on addressing efficiency gaps for the various stakeholders in healthcare, but we’re focused on positive patient outcomes! We help providers ensure their patients are sticking to their treatment plans, and we’re committed to identifying and providing them with a wide variety of behavior modification, educational, and financial tools to make it easier for them to identify, treat, and support their at-risk patients.

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Product Management

Do you dream about bringing dynamic new products into existence and into the market? Are you always thinking about ways to improve a product to maintain leadership in the market? Do you have deep healthcare industry knowledge and a perspective on what the market needs? If yes, then you are the kind of product manager we are looking for! Our team conducts market research and focus groups, writes the epics and stories that shape our products, collaborates with development to create best of breed products, and works with sales and marketing to coordinate a successful launch.

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Sales, Account Management, and Consulting

Whether you are a hunter, a farmer, a road warrior, or you prefer to dial for dollars, we have a position for you. Some of us travel across the country to spread the vision of a better, more connected, and more efficient healthcare system to Payers, Hospitals, IPAs, and physician practices. Others ensure our clients stay happy and aware of new innovation opportunities they can implement to continue being leaders. As industry experts, we utilize our extensive knowledge of the inner workings of hospital systems and Meaningful Use to provide consulting serves to ensure success utilization of health IT technology.

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System Operations

Maintaining uptime for our network and our employees is our primary objective. Our team manages, maintains, and scales computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. We design and develop databases, networks and systems that collect and store data, send and retrieve it, monitor and maintain network and server activity. We also proactively plan for improvements, diagnose problem areas and solves issues as they arise.

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